It is a very saddening thing to be laid off at work and no employee ever prays to experience such, but the thing is it happens everywhere in Nigeria. We hear news of how companies or organisations fire their employees suddenly and the affected employees had to suffer its consequences. The way sacked employees get affected by a job loss differs from person to person and how they deal with it also differs.

For some people, the job which they lost could be their only source of livelihood which in turn affects how they catered for their loved ones. job loss for some people has resulted in depression or even committing suicide, some even get psychologically affected and in turn, allows it to affect their ego or relationship with people generally.Losing a job is not the end of the world, here are 3 tips to get over it:

  • Stop brooding: It is a terrible situation to lose a job no matter the circumstances that surrounded the loss, but the fact remains that brooding or complaining bitterly over a job loss will not put back the job in your hands. Telling whoever cares to listen how good you were at your previous job will not help either. Take time out to reflect, depending on your definition of taking time out. In Fact, if you brood longer than normal, that could adversely affect your health and you do not want that.
  • Meet with people who will help you get back on your feet: There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who will raise you up and those who will leave you down there. At such a time as this, you do not need people who are only good at sympathising and leaving you more with a dampened mood, seek for those who will encourage you with their words and actions. Do not segregate yourself from a good company.
  • Start again: In this world we live in, no one has ever been sent to prison for starting again, so why can you not start again? You were so involved in your previous job that you did not have time to develop other skills you possess, develop them now.Your previous job did not allow you pursue that academic qualification, go for it.In other words, starting again will do you no harm, and do not be focused on “What will people say”?It is not their lives but yours alone.

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