5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Business on Social Media

Hi Dear Reader,

Businesses in the 21st century have stepped up their game simply by using Social Media Platforms to boost their presence alongside meet new clients and customers; all on a free bill but just costing them data.

The common social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn Instagram, Twitter and of course you can’t understand the influence of YouTube in the whole thing.

Let’s quickly review 5basic reasons why you need Social Media for Your Business

  1. Most Social Media Platforms are FREE; signing up on any social media platforms is of no cost. Although, there are costs associated with advertising; which is also a cheap marketing strategy.
  2. With Social Media, you get to reach a larger audience. Users of the like of Facebook, Instagram are running into billions all over the world. Among the users are your target audience but in different locations from you. Social Media bridge the distance barrier. The common language of slide into my DM; comes in.
  3. Easy Way to connect with Business Partner(s): Businesses thrive on partnerships; people that do similar things. Locating them first might be difficult but with social media, all you need is time and you will find each other. An easy way is using hashtags to discover people into similar business from which you can propose a partnership.
  4. Social Media Keep You Up-to-Date: For example, the Fashion industry is moving so fast and if you are into Fashion, not keeping up with trends makes you stale. With Social Media, you are kept up-to-date as you see the leading guys in your industry roll out their products.
  5. Social Media is sure another Easy way to Gather Feedbacks: Feedbacks can either be positive or negative but the interesting thing is that it helps you monitor your growth. Distributing questionnaires or links for customers to feel feedbacks can be limiting but with social media, you keep track of your existing and potential customers feedbacks; which could either be in form of comments, tags, likes and shares.

I hope these five reasons, convince you enough to move your business on social media.


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