Daily, individuals and businesses are faced with offers and acceptance situations. Some come orally and some come in the form of a written agreement. These situations are not hard to find around us. We are usually directly or indirectly involved in one. But most individuals and businesses cannot distill private and personal situations from the official. What should be treated as official and embedded in  black and white is left loose. Often ending in ugly situations and parties are left with bad cases.

I have always advised that every agreement involving consideration of any kind whether fully business like or personal and private, irrespective of who is involved must be reduced into writing. Parties involved must sign such agreement too. No one should be left at the mercy of another.

For instance, you jumped at an offer from a company of one of your friend’s family to work in Abuja. You left your work in Lagos, got a new residence in Abuja. You were just adjusting to the new life there when barely three months the management wanted to sack you. They were not pleased with the good reforms you were introducing into the company. You will be at their mercy if from the onset, there was no contract of service signed by you with the company.

A written agreement no matter how scantly put together as long as it does not involve fraud is enforceable. It is also better than an oral agreement. It gives a clearer case of parties. And where they end in court aside notifying the parties their clear rights and duties under the relationship parties entered into.



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