It was an amazing feeling being at the 2018 South-West Agribusiness Summit & Expo that took place at Nustreams Event and Cultural Centre, Mile 110, Alalubosa, Ibadan. The theme of the event “Exploring New Opportunities, Taking Advantage of accessed opportunities and “seizing the moment” regardless of whichever type of farming”, were all emphasized by the richly experienced and successful speakers that came to share their profound knowledge from all areas of the agricultural field. Speakers from Chi Farms to Agric Media to Natnudo, were all filled with explosive “hints” on cultivation, distribution, financing, to mention a few, that had the audience stuck to their seats.


Without further ado, the floor was taken by the first speaker Mr. Olawale, From CHI Farms Ltd; The First indigenous producers of pelletized floating fish feed in Nigeria. He spoke on the topic”Fish Processing in Nigeria”

He stated that trained fish farmers are being closely monitored as regards partnership with NAFDAC on exporting processed catfish. Afterward, they will be re-trained and supported in every possible way. He further stated that;

  • farmers to be selected must be in a cooperative society(functional)
  • farmers selected must not be in a cluster, for easy monitoring; He further added that land and finance will be taken care of by BOI(Bank Of Industry) and Oyo state Ministries of Land, Youth and Agriculture respectively


Next, another speaker from CHI farms took the stage, he spoke on catfish production methods, value chain, and proper management. He also enlightened the audience on “how to produce 1000 table sized catfishes”



The Third Speaker was Oluwafemi Abioye, CEO Agric Media. He focused on the youth telling them that agriculture is the biggest business in our century. “When you’re young you have all the time and energy, use it wisely. Invest in yourself, you can afford it”, he said. He rounded up with this advice to the youth to “Get up, Unwrap themselves and take a step”.


The Next Speaker From Natnudo discussed the topic “Becoming a Natnupreneur farmer”. He talked about Livestock farming, especially, the chicken(broilers). He discussed it under the following headings;

  • Value chain
  • Methods of rearing
  • Methods of chicken fattening


The next speaker from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Mr. Kelvin spoke about “cassava peels”. Cassava peels, he said, have harmful chemicals and are not consumable by humans. He then stated that IITA, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture have made means available of processing cassava peels. Processed cassava peels can be used as livestock feed ensuring the most out of cassava peels. He then concluded that farmers will be trained on proper maintenance and management of the cassava processor.

That wraps up the first day.


The second day started with the”join us” platform where participants were encouraged to follow the summit’s social media pages, after which the speakers took the stage.



Mrs. Alatise representing the Head Of Station IAR&T(Institute of Agricultural Research And Training) spoke on the company’s mission and vision which is, “Financing Agricultural Expenses and Tips for exportation of crops”. She spoke further on documents required for the exportation of goods. She wrapped it up by speaking on National Agriculture Quarantine (NAQ).



The Second Speaker for the day, Mr. Yinka Green, the CEO, Green Pastures Farm shared his experience of how he changed from being a petty broiler farmer to an established one. He rounded up with opportunities open to chicken farmers at Green Pastures Farm
The next speaker Mr. Akinola Bamiji, from the Development Finance Office, Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN), Ibadan spoke on the Anchors Borrowers Program(ABP), a program founded in 2015 by the president of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, to assist farmers who are financially incapable. Loans will be granted to farmers who follow specific and laid-down guidelines and procedures. He then rounded up with the guidelines farmers will follow to get these loans.
Next was Mrs. Akinbobola representing the Ministry Of Youth and Sports. She spoke on how ready the ministry is, to help the youth secure land for agribusiness. She then stated various programs created for the enlightenment of all current and aspiring farmers
Finally, it was time for the Bank Of Industry’s presentation. Mr. Pacqueens Irabor, the director BOI, started by introducing BOI to the audience. Founded October 1, 2001, they have been consistent in providing and rendering assistance to farmers who are financially incapable. He further stated they have ranging loans and procedures involved. He stated also that trainings are available for farmers who are willing to take the risk involved in agribusiness.
Then it was question and answer time. Participants were given the privilege to ask the speakers questions on different topics within Agribusiness discussed during the summit or not.

The event ended on a lively note with participants interacting, exchanging ideas and contacts for future meetup and partnership opportunities



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