A Weekend of Learning Integrated Farming, Networking, Relaxation & Fun in the world acclaimed SONGHAI Center- A perfect place for farm life, adventure, nature, leisure and fun!

Songhai Centre, a 200-acre land that has become an international non-governmental development organization, was founded in 1985 by a Nigerian-born American Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Godfrey Nzamujo and supported by a few local in the suburb of Porto-Novo which is now a sprawling symbol of success. It has become a destination for agro-tourists from around the world. It is named after a prosperous and powerful empire that was very strong in West Africa between the 14th and 16th centuries.


Experience first-hand training, production, research and development of Sustainable agriculture which has an integrated farming system in operation and thus an all-round practical knowledge of agriculture, be it aquaculture, poultry, feed mill production, renewable energy, crop production and irrigation, agro-processing and farm structures.
Marvel at the entire process of Songhai farm and pick what suits you out of the value chain.

Enjoy the pleasant environs of SONGHAI centre on a 200-acre land which takes you to different corners of the farm and connects you with the farmers, dwellers, including their unique operation which opens you up to enormous opportunities.

Have a delightful experience with various team building activities organised for your relaxation on the farm.

Be part of the bonfire night surround with music and tales, you get to share your story too while you listen to others stories.

Enjoy local tours to museums, Port novo amusement Park, Hall Des Arts, Erevan, Cotonou Town etc.

Call 07015866695 for enquiries and bookings.


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