Before you start a business in a city like Ibadan, after you have confirmed  the business idea, selected the business name, secured the working capital, settled in your chosen location and taken note of other ” key factors”, the business slogan is another important thing in business and that is what we will discuss today.

A business slogan is a short phrase that serves as a very brief representation of a product or company. When written well, a slogan instantly evokes emotions and ideas and associates them with a brand. Good slogans are also easily remembered and can become part of the cultural landscape of a society. Other names for slogans include taglines, straplines, end lines, signatures and sometimes theme lines.

Slogans are used with the brand name and logo of a product or service. Since slogans do carry ideas, they are received, remembered and then played back, complete with all the associated emotions and claims a given slogan evokes. The function of a slogan is to get across a brand’s identity in a way that positions the brand in the minds of consumers.


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