What Everyone Must Know About Financial Success


Each time I see people suffering, my heart bleeds in pain. I wish I had a superpower that can make everyone rich and happy but guess what, even if I do, some people will still end up poorer.

This is not a curse but the reality because no matter what good intentions you have if you put a 5-storey building on a 1-storey foundation, the house will collapse. So what I propose is #GettingSmarterWithMoney.

Getting Smarter with Money is a continuous journey as daily new things evolve that we adjust to. Imagine you have a car but don’t know how to drive but every day you’re compelled to take the car out, what will happen to the car? It will come with dents every day until it ultimately crashes and kills you. What you’re expected to do therefore is to learn how to drive.

Your income is like a car, it is supposed to transport you daily to a better life and you are the driver. If you don’t know how to manage money effectively, you will continually bash your car – (money) and waste it.

Money is too hard to get to mismanage or waste it. So in this piece, I’ll suggest some Strategies for #MoneyBliss Managment.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Financial Planning: if you really want to be successful, you must plan your Financial Life. You must know how much you want to earn, spend and keep. Most people leave a month for a month without any clear-cut plan on finances. They just earn and spend without planning for the now or future. Let me ask you this, how much do you intend to earn this year? On the average, I recommend, 3 times your annual expenditure. This is because what you earn is for today and tomorrow’s expenditure. So, you must save and invest for tomorrow. To know how much you should earn, add all your projected expenses for the year and multiply it by three. But just one problem, how do you know how much you spend in a given year? That brings us to the second point which is budgeting.

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2. Always Have a Budget: at the heart of financial planning is budgeting which is a projection of your expected income and expenditures. If you don’t have a budget nor live by one, you’re like someone who goes on a sail without a compass. Your money will just come and go without a trace. When was the last time you planned a budget and lived by it? A budget is a guide to effective utilization of your money. By taking time to plan a budget alone, it means, you are in charge of your finances. Budgeting is one of the easiest things to do. You spell out your income sources, projected expenditures, and the amount they will cost. And as the month or year goes by, you send your money on specific errands as stated in the budget. If you don’t know how to make one, start today by learning how to prepare it.

3. Keep Financial Records: budgeting is the beginning of the process and record keeping is the driver. Even if you have a budget, without proper records, you won’t achieve much. Records keeping helps you monitor the budget and know if it’s being followed and also helps you determine where to make adjustments. Let’s say you budgeted N10,000 for feeding for the month, how would you know if you spent it on food or not? You must then record all your expenses as simple as writing the item purchased and cost. At the end of the month, you will have a clear picture of where your hard earned money truly goes. The day I discovered that daily suya on my way from work was taking up to 10% of the house budget, I had an emergency financial meeting with myself and stopped it. Try it for one month, record every kobo you spend daily, your financial life will never remain the same. If you take the budgeting course, you will get a free budget Planner and Petty Cash template to plan and record your daily expenses. Also, you can download the Money Bliss App on PlayStore for free and take the course.

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4. Have Emergency Savings: last year, I wrote a book called Money Bliss. In this book, I talked about 4 types of Savings anyone who wants to have Financial Success should have. Emergency Savings is one of them. See people run into all kinds of financial mishaps because they don’t plan ahead. You need to have emergency funds for the unfortunate events of life. If you don’t have this you will find yourself taking loans here and there to meet up. I recommend that you keep at least 10% of your income for this. Having this alone will save you so much financial stress and burden in the long run.

5. Never Depend on only One Income Source: growing up under teacher parents who were owed salaries month on month, I learned this Valuable lesson. To my greatest surprise, we never lacked basic livelihood requirements. This is because we were also farmers and traders. I used to sell broom when I was 12yrs old. This was how I started entrepreneurship as a little boy. See, life has given us so many resources to use to create the life we desire. The big question is are you maximizing them? Your guess! Can you truly afford the life you desire on your current salary? If you can, congratulations. But to those who can’t, please strive to get alternative sources of income. Learn a new skill, look for something to retail or produce one yourself. With current technological advancement, there are no longer excuses for not being, doing and having more than you have today.

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I hope these few tips will help you be more intentional and effective with your financial life.

Till I come your way again,

Remember that #iValueYou





I’m Robor Bliss, the financial Strategist. I help individuals plan their finances to enjoy today and have a secured tomorrow.



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