It is not enough that parties in any given relationship should have an agreement that must be written down spelling out the rights and duties of  the parties involved, the content must be the clear and sincere desires of the parties. Situations have arisen where a party goes into an agreement out of desperation. This is due to no fault of the other party. The anxiety that comes with some agreement cannot be overruled. However, it is always important that parties to an agreement have a third eye to look at the agreement before signing same.

To a layman, this is how it should be done. For instance, in a tenancy agreement, it is the landlord or its lawyer that would draft the agreement and pass it on to the tenant who probably can read and write, but it is sound for the tenant to equally get a lawyer to take a look at the agreement. Anything short of that, the tenant might be getting himself into a legal mess beyond his wide exposure or education.

In the case of a land sales agreement, usually, it is the buyer that prepares the agreement and sends to the seller who takes a careful look at the agreement or even sends it to his or her lawyer to vet before executing.  Never should a buyer allow the lawyer of the seller to foist him into signing an agreement prepared by him for the seller. In most cases, you would hear the seller have their own lawyers who would prepare the agreement for you and the funny part is the lawyer would also charge the buyer for the service he or she is rendering for the family. This is a deliberate misrepresentation to the legally unexposed public. This is an issue to be considered in subsequent updates.

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Finally, it is always important that parties to an agreement have a third eye especially an expert to look at the agreement before signing same.



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