Trust is earned when actions meet words. – Chris Butler


Olatimide, is a cake gourmand and she has a fixed Baker who bakes her cakes. She loves this Baker because she bakes to her taste, she says, “This baker knows what I love and I have always referred different people to her  and she has always given her best.”


She added, my baker’s Business Tagline is, “A bite that makes you ask for more” and “she has truly earned this success with her cakes because I always find myself requesting for more.”


Essentially, as a Brand these are 4 reasons why trust is important:


  1.    Building trust is value creation: Do you buy a product you do not trust? Obviously, it is a NO! Likewise, you will never buy products that will harm you.for the product to be good and for it to be the one you always want to use then it serves a value. In creating value, all that concerns you is your customers, so if your customers should love what you do, then they will trust what you offer. As a business owner, creating value and trust should be number one structural approach to gaining feet as a brand. Remember, your customers make your business.


  1.    It increases your customer base: Your customer base should not remain stagnant as of when you started your business, so establishing trust in the heart of your customers pays the price. Last year, I bought a Chewing Gum sole sandals from a friend, the moment another friend of mine saw the design and the sole of the sandal, she requested to meet with the seller. And I automatically gave her the contact of the person who sells and she bought hers. Often, know that when your work speaks for you, trust is built.


  1.    You grow a reputation: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” — Warren Buffett, Chairman & CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Your words are powerful. When your works or products meet up to the expectation of customers your brand grows and then you build a reputation. Your value statement or mission statements are ways to build trust, never go below what you profess, they are evident strengths to who you are and what you do.


  1.    Keeping to time, a promise kept: The value of time in business is not debatable, you work round the clock, and you service clients round the clock. The time you promise to deliver a product to a client or meet with a client should be handled with urgency. You cannot promise 5 o’clock and you arrive at 10 mins past 5. Keep to time and keep your promise, this goes a long way in displaying yourself as a trustworthy brand.




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