The 2018 edition of the southwest regional eCommerce summit has expo has come and gone but the memories garnered at the event is yet to fade in the hearts of the participants as they were exposed to different panel sessions and the speakers made sure to discuss the topics and many accolades were given as to how informative it was as one of the participants said ‘’Thanks to the initiative and all the facilitators who have imparted knowledge to me and everyone else in the cause of this summit’’ . Another participant said  ‘’Thanks to the initiative for training like this. Bringing great men from all walks of life .’’ this is a tip of the iceberg as the 2019 edition is back and better and with 3,000 attendees to be expected, 36 speakers and 750 exhibitions, this year promises to be massive and would leave a mark that would not be forgotten in a long time.

The theme for last year’s Southwest Regional E-Commerce & Expo was  “ The Future is Here and We’re already Late” and the summit was  designed to teach and expose people to meet some of these  platforms, on how they work to lay off their fears about online-shopping and understanding the risk factors but also to create opportunities for people in the south-west. The importance of e-commerce was explained as E-commerce offered many advantages to companies and customers; a growing industry with many opportunities, challenges and infrastructure need but offers a glimpse into the future. He emphasized that the summit will educate, inform and inspire a new generation of E-entrepreneurs; also an event focused on connecting people with human & technology resources as well as relevant products and services that are essential for both development and production of individuals, organizations, and institutions to help empower them for sustainable progression and prolific development for the society.

In the last year edition, there were keynote sessions, question and answers session, breakout session and master classes. To spice up the event, there were raffle draws and many gifts were won ranging from and many others.

The theme for this year’s Southwest Regional E-Commerce & Expo is Hybrid Retail: Integrating E-commerce and physical stores and the speakers will address topics on eCommerce, eBusiness and Hybrid retails. The speakers are experienced and the best in their field and they will be bringing their years of experience into the presentations and discussion.  They are also bringing highly respected knowledge, insights and experience by sharing ideas through effective and comprehensive presentations as well as thought-provoking and valuable roundtable discussions. Some of the speakers are Subomi Plumptre, Emeka Ossai, Ayoola Falola, Oluwamayowa Oshidero, Deborah Daniels and many others. To crown it all, there will be a lot of giveaways ranging from laptops, smartphones, free website development and so much more.

It kicks off on Monday 25th of March and it runs through to Wednesday, 27th March 2019 and it will be held at The Nustreams Conference & Culture Centre 110, Abeokuta Road Ibadan, Oyo state.

It is an event that promises to provide a wide variety of opportunities available, all of which are designed to help boost your company profile, meet decision makers and associate your organisation with all aspects on this Summit & Expo.

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