Most of the nice slippers, slip-on, shoes, and Bags you get at Ogunpa, Molete or Challenge markets are not from Italy or the United Kingdom, but they are from the Ariaria International Market, Aba.

Ariaria International Market, Aba is situated in South-Eastern Nigeria. Abia State. The Market is known as the centre of Trade and Commerce of Nigeria, it is made up of over 10, 000 shoemakers and it produces 800 pieces of shoes daily. After Aba Ikoha Market 1976 fire outbreak, traders migrated to Ariaria. Ariaria Market is majorly known for its large importation, production and exportation of leather products as Shoes, Bags, and Belts, Clothing and Steel products. Raw materials that are used for the production of goods in Aba are imported from Brazil, China, Italy and many other countries. Most productions in Aba are done manually and exported to other countries, Cameroon is known as one of the major destination of the finished products at Aba. Goods are also exported to Cote d’Ivoire, Benin Republic, Gabon,  and the United States.

Aba by leather traders is regarded as the “China of Africa” while the Steelworkers regards it as the “Japan of Africa”. In as much as good products are produced at this market, the need for the Aba Market to move from manual production to industrial production is of great importance, as processing and coupling machine will help the final outcome of products and the efficiency in production. Thus, there is a great demand for investors.


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