Here Are Virtual Office/Coworking Spaces To Run Your Business From In Ibadan.

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The evolution of virtual offices and coworking spaces has saved businesses from renting office spaces on a yearly plan, which often times incur additional costs such as setting up the office and utility cost which include internet services, Electricity bills etc.

The concept of virtual office business idea came from a combination of technological innovation and the information age, it involves renting out of office space to businesses for fewer periods than is usually done. Most times, this office space comes with support services generally categorized into communication services and space services.

The communication services include a virtual assistant, a remote receptionist, voicemail, and phone answering service while space services involve a prestigious building used as the professional business address, a mailing address, casual work-space, business meeting space, reception courtesies etc.

The business of Virtual offices is growing fast in the city of Ibadan and is becoming a practical option for business owners since it offers flexibility compared to physical office spaces. This is not to say, all businesses can run using virtual offices but quite a lot can, for example, if you are into Digital and Media services, Accounting and management service; then, of course, this seems to be the best option for you.

Take a look at some of the thriving Virtual offices which are also referred to as Hubs in Ibadan

  • iBridge Hub is an inspiring contemporary open space where young entrepreneurs and innovators in the city of Ibadan can bring their ideas to reality. It was opened on the 1st of October, 2012 (which makes it the first hub in the city of Ibadan), it’s located at Nustreams Conference and Culture Centre, Km 110, Abeokuta Road, off Alalubosa GRA, Ibadan. Its founder is Francis Majodemu.
Hubs in Ibadan
iBridge Hub Section
  • Ecco Hub is an Ibadan-based innovation hub and co-working space which was founded by Mr. Lemi and officially opened on the 15th July 2016. The hub is positioned to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs and innovators in the city of Ibadan. Ecco Hub is located 11, Okunola Abass Off Oluyole Way, Bodija Ibadan.
Hubs in Ibadan
Ecco Hub
  • Wennovation Hub Ibadan, is an extension of its headquarter in Lagos brand was opened in the year 2015 and located on the 3rd Floor, Alpha and Omega Building, Queen Elizabeth II Road, Mokola-UCH Road, 234102, Ibadan. The hub creates the environment for startup Incubator, accelerator, and entrepreneur to thrive and offers training programs alongside.
Hubs in Ibadan
Wennovation Hub

We hope you check one of these hubs in Ibadan, to run your business (es).



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