Let us take a moment to observe successful  people in Ibadan and  anywhere else in the world, one thing similar to these people is that they are all passionate about what they do. It is  wrong to start and run a business just to make money. While it is true that there must be profit to every business, what should drive  the business should be the passion for such a venture, not money

Passion is one of the most effective motivators in starting and running a business. It is also often one of the strongest predictors of whether an idea will lead to a successful business. Passion for what you do is just as important as passion in a relationship. It keeps things new and exciting and keeps you wanting more.

Clients/customers can see your passion and they respond to it positively, thereby helping your business grow. It is understandable that at a point the job might get boring or stressful, might even seem like it was a wrong decision starting such business, this point is when you need to re-ignite your initial passion. Here are a few basic tips to keep the passion alive at your job:

1. Stay focused

2. Always remember why you started (the business)

3. Be motivated by positive remarks

4. Take short breaks

5. Learn something new


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