Great marketing takes time, dedication and a cohesive strategy. Marketing doesn’t have an all in one formula because it is subjective. what works for the boutique business won’t work for a food business. There are many things that affect marketing; it can be easy to make mistakes. That is why it’s always a work in progress and it involves continuous experimentation and learning.

The first thing to do first is to check your current business marketing efforts. Put down your strategies and check out what worked and what didn’t. Also, find out why some of your current strategies did not work then consider changing your marketing channels.

The second step is knowing your audience, marketers that know their audience well will find it easier to sell products and services than those that don’t understand their buyers. For example, understanding that an average Ibadan person is price sensitive so you can have a pricing strategy that would appeal to them. The effectiveness of your marketing can be traced down to how well you know your audience.

With technology advancing, there is more information, than ever before. Many small businesses haven’t caught up to this new world, others are catching up at a slow pace. You can leverage technology such as the internet to make more research about your field, you can also leverage social media to advertise your products and know more about your customers.

Understand that marketing is now quite different because buyers have much more information at their fingertips and they have many other alternatives asides your products. Thus, you must differentiate yourself with your unique selling point and your branding.

To achieve better results, small business owners must do more than tracking their results, they should also check their results to see what worked and what didn’t. Also, know your audience well enough to know what they want and what they will likely buy. Make use of technology to get more information and advertise your products. Set yourself apart from your competitors with your unique selling proposition and branding.



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