It is not unusual for graduates to leave their comfort zone which most times are distant places to major cities (abroad in some instances to live the American dream) in search of the proverbial golden fleece.

The destination of such young men and women who set out for a better life include Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Aba, Kano, Kaduna, Port Harcourt amongst other commercial nerve centers.

For job seekers in the South Western Part of Nigeria, Lagos is probably the most preferred destination, with Ibadan often considered as an afterthought. One is often left to wonder why Oyo state and by extension Ibadan the largest city in West Africa and a commercial nerve center has to play second fiddle to a state with a considerably small land mass and high cost of living.


In accessing the gap between both states, one of the factors which puts Lagos ahead of Oyo state is the fact that Lagos boasts of the Headquarters of almost all the major companies within its enclave as well as nascent industries in various stages of growth. This level of industrialization is an attractive proposition for potential job seekers who have a wide pool of companies cutting across various sectors.

Oyo state on the other hand has only got pockets of industries  which  can absorb potential job seekers as the civil service, entrepreneurs with start up businesses in search of a niche for their products and services hold sway.

Arguments have been advanced that Lagos state is leveraging on the  systems put in place while it was the country’s capital hence its huge financial base and huge tax revenue from existing companies which has made it a destination of choice for potential job seekers.

However, the argument do not hold water as Ibadan which is the capital of Oyo state was the base of the defunct Western Region.

On the bright side though, with the right policies in place and a deliberate attempt at industrialization, Oyo state has got the potential to welcome school leavers to its domain for a better life.






Ibadan is gradually becoming fast paced each passing day with start up businesses and known brands tapping into the unexplored market in the state. These brands are in need of young and vibrant individuals to grow them into mega brands

Ibadan Insider would furnish its readers with weekly job updates that are abound within the pacesetter state.





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