Adetoun Adekoya Oshodi is the second runner up of the popular reality show, MTN Project Fame Season 5.  She is well known for her hit song ‘Cindarella’. In this interview, Adetoun Omo Ibadan as she also called told us about her experience during  project fame and also activities she has engaged in afterwards .

You have mentioned a couple of times that you didn’t plan to be part of project fame, do you mind sharing this story with us again?

Yes! As I have auditioned at the  reality show before, and it was so amazing how prepared I was; I bet I sang better than the Judge herself. Unfortunately, all I got was a NO and a NO and another NO. It was a breaking point for me, I didn’t take it well; as I had sworn not to go register for another.

I promised myself I would work hard and make it on my own; and there Project Fame came, my parents and a friend of mine ensured I registered. I had made up my mind I would satisfy them but I know it’s going to be another NO. it was unbelievable when it all started, despite my nonchalant behavior, I got a big YES from all the judges, and Cobhams told me, he would be watching out for me as I have something thats rare; my voice is like that of a man.

The experience at Project Fame was a great one for me; as I got to learn, make new friends; some of whom I still communicate with, and to have come second runner up, it was just the grace of God.

You came second runner up 2013, got married 2014, put to bed that same year; I guess life after project fame had been a smooth ride?

I wouldn’t say, it’s been a smooth ride, I would rather say it’s been ‘fun and challenging’. The six months after project fame, I did put the name Adetoun out there; that came with pressure as fans wanted to know what she would do next.I got a million naira from the reality show; out of which I released a song and shot a video with a budget of half a million naira gone.

Yes, it was fun as it came with couple of flash moments; fans see you all around, they want to take pictures, get acquainted, but it’s so funny at times that this gets on the nerves.

Talking about fame; most people, when they become famous, they choose to go settle in Lagos, what prompted you to choose Ibadan?

Yeah that’s true, but everything I ever wanted is here in Ibadan. My husband works here in Ibadan, and I have two children.  I often go to Lagos though, for couple of other engagements but Ibadan has been the base.

My brand Adetoun is popularly known as ‘Adetoun Omo Ibadan’. I love to be associated with Ibadan

With the just concluded BBN, there’s been a big discrimination of reality shows; demanding that budgets been allocated into such shows are ridiculous. You been a product of one, do you think reality shows have a much impact on the Nigerian growth for the larger good?

This is relative; it depends on the theme of the reality show in question. Project fame has a theme for promoting ’Next Stars in Music ’, I am a product of Project fame, and for the larger good.

Project fame, had been able to impact knowledge.  I could remember; we had trainers who helped us with speech (you know that me as an Ibadan girl, the intonation obviously had few itches, which reflected in my spoken English; but with the help of my trainer I was able to adjust), vocals, all the way to appearances. At Project fame, I couldn’t wear clothes that were revealing, I would be instructed to go change it, as it was against the PG discretion for viewers at home. It was a period of transition and moment of lesson learnt.

I wouldn’t want to reflect much on other reality TV shows as I wasn’t a product of them but the theme of a reality show  is very important.

Tell us about your businesses and start-ups

At the moment I run a catering service, as I love to cook a lot. For couple of years now, I have been the one in charge of Gbenga Adeyinka’s catering service for Laff Mattazz.

I am also a vocal trainer, helping couple of young artiste with their vocals, and at the same time, I do back up singing for other artiste (this has been my  first love though, as I love backing up artiste that can sing)


How do you define your brand of songs??

I am a gospel artiste, I have weighed my options, by understanding my target audience, and most importantly understanding myself; what comes easy for me to do. Singing gospel comes naturally, I don’t have to stress it. Though I go for secular shows, but often time I would tell the organizer what kind of song I would be rendering, that’s my style, my brand.

So far, what has been your biggest criticism?

That I have been lazy, I have not been hustling enough, that I should have been in Lagos, shaking my bum bum and my body (giggles). I thank God for his plans for me, I could as well have gone to Lagos and the story line might have changed. I have weighed my options, and I have opted to follow this path; I am a gospel artiste, and I believe I am on track

Are there projects from you, we should be looking forward to?

We have got couple of projects we are working on at the moment. We just ran a promotion across radio stations in Ibadan for latest song ‘Worship Medley’. It was unbelievable when couple of radio stations in Lagos also picked it up, though we plan on doing some promotions in Lagos too, but for now we are ensuring we have taking over Ibadan (understanding your target audience).

Do you feel there’s a market for creative minds and entrepreneurs here in Ibadan?

Absolutely yes. I make my money in Ibadan, I know couple of other folks who are young millionaires in Ibadan. There is the market available for whatever product you want to offer in Ibadan. The funniest thing about Lagos is that the same thing are sold to Lagosians  over and over again, with a new package, that’s all. We are putting Ibadan on the map, and Ibadan is there for the taking.


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