Hello Folks, You are welcome to Made In Ibadan for this Week. Today we are talking with Mr. Adedapo Adekanbi, the  Manager, ADOM AGRO-ALLIED NIG. LTD, Apata, Ibadan Branch. In this chat He shares with us, the nature of the company, his perception on Agriculture in Nigeria and his hope for the Agro Allied Industry in particular and Agriculture in Nigeria in General. Read, enjoy and be informed.

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Mr. Adekanbi we are really pleased that you were able to join us on Made In Ibadan

Thanks for reaching out to me.

So Can You tell us a bit about Adom Agro-Allied Nigeria Limited, how long it has been around and the kind of products You deal in?

As You already know, I am the branch manager for the Apata branch of Adom Agro Allied Limited, We have our head office at Monatan, also in Ibadan here. and also in other places in Ibadan. Adom Agro Allied Limited according to the records has been around for about fifteen years but I as an individual I have been with the company since about four years ago. I  rose through the ranks to become a branch manager. As the name already implies, our main products here are food products for animal husbandry, We sell at the wholesale level for people who want to resell the products We also sell to those who have animal farms directly. In our company, we have food products for Poultry, Fisheries, Piggeries and all kinds of animals.

So Animal feed production is the only line of business Adom is engaged in, You don’t do crop planting or consultation on land matters for interested farmers or even run your own animal farms?

No, we do not, Our main focus Animal Feed production.  it is what we are popular for.

The Oyo State Government has been talking about one or two initiatives for Agriculture in the State. While You are not farmers but you are patronized by farmers, so you will surely feel the impact. Has these Government initiatives affected your own business positively in anyway?

No, not at all. As you said a lot of our customers are farmers and as far as we know they have not really been enjoying any benefits from the government.  People  are still complaining and they are yet to feel any “impact” that the government says it has made. It is still difficult to do Agriculture in a place like Oyo state and the burden on farmers has not been alleviated at all. The Government has been talking a lot about Agriculture but farmers and those of us who produce Agricultural products are yet to see the impact of Government in our line of business. It seems we are still paying lip service to the issue of Agriculture as the future of this country

In that case, what are the challenges that  Agro-Allied Business like yours are facing in the current economy

I can’t speak for others but I can speak for my own company. The current economic recession has done a lot of damage to our trade.  Our cost of production has gone up drastically and it has resulted in a sharp spike in the prices of our products. For example, We have a product that used to be sixty-five naira (65 NGN) per Kilogram which means a tonne (1000 kilograms) of that product was sixty-five thousand naira (65,000 NGN). Now the same product is now one hundred and twenty naira per Kilogram, which is a 200 percent increase in price. As a result, we have had to turn plenty of our customers away, because we cannot afford to compromise on our quality and many of them cannot afford the increased prices. So we really need the government at whatever level they can to intervene in this crisis so that our costs can really go down and we don’t have to push loyal customers away with exorbitant prices

Even though things have really been hard on farmers in Nigeria, but there is still a lot of talk about going back to Agriculture, from your experience in the Agro Production Industry, Do you think Nigerians, especially Youths are showing Interest in Agriculture?

Yes, I think so. As I said, even though it is not directly in our line of business, from time to time I interact with people who really want to do Agriculture, a lot of people especially energetic youths tell me that they really want to be farmers but the price of getting land to use is too expensive. Even when the land is available, the process of getting farmland under Nigeria’s land tenure system is too cumbersome, and it is a source of discouragement to people who want to do Agriculture. If the Government can find a way around those two obstacles they will find people really willing to engage in Agriculture, and the country will be better for it.

Finally, As a person now, you feel that with the way the Government is starting to talk about non-oil exports especially Agriculture, that there will be a positive impact on Agriculture which will, in turn, affect Agro Allied Companies like Adom

Yes, I think so. As you said, oil is no longer as valuable as it was before especially for a nation like Nigeria, so we will have no choice but to turn to Agriculture. It is just that the sooner the government realizes that Agriculture is the way forward for Nigeria the better it will be for all of us. So yes I think it is going to happen eventually. I hope it doesn’t take too long before it happens, though.

Thank You Mr. Adekanbi, it has really been illuminating chatting with you?

It is my pleasure, thanks for having me on your blog too

ADOM AGRO ALLIED NIG. LTD, Apata Branch,  is situated beside Orisun Ayo Shopping Complex, Fatima Bus Stop, Apata, Ibadan. For inquiries, you can also reach Adedapo Adekanbi on 08031848479


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