The relevance of footwear in today’s fashion cannot be over emphasized, shoes are an important part of any complete attire. Here is an exclusive interview with the CEO of BamBata; one of the leading footwear and accessories designers in Ibadan, Nigeria.


Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Bamidele Omeiza from Kogi State, a creative and visual art graduate and a, motivational speaker. I have seven years background in Information Technology but to God be the glory, I am the owner of BamBata footwear and accessories.


Tell us about the nomenclature of the brand name BAMBATA.


Coming up with the name was easy. “Bam” from my real name Bamidele and “Bata” which is the Yoruba word for shoe.


When did the whole bambata dream start out?

I started way back in 2003 going to offices with samples and knocking on doors of different homes. Now we have stands, outlets and sales rep nationwide, we also export.


Why did you leave Information Technology for shoe making?

bambata wears
It’s God calling, I prayed and I know this is the right path which obviously it is. I am also a creative person; I have always had this spirit of turning imagination to reality.


How have you grown this business and how do you manage your clients?

bambata wears
I read a lot of books about marketing strategy and it helps. Also referrals from happy and satisfied customers, a lot of others come in.


Will you say Ibadan people embrace locally made footwear?

bambata wears
Thirteen years ago when we started, it was tough to convince people that locally made shoes are as good as the oyibo ones if not better. A lot has changed, ex-president Obasanjo helped local manufacturers a lot and recently social media campaign mostly on Twitter of “Buy Naija To Grow Naira” helped too. I am proud to tell you Made in Ibadan footwear are doing well not only in this city but also in international market.


Would you say a shoe venture is profitable in Ibadan?

Yes it really is but you cannot compare the population of Lagos to Ibadan, hence potential customers are much more there than here.


What are the major challenges in this business?

Electricity is the main problem, we spend extra money on fuel during production and that’s unfair.


How do you think  government can support  the local footwear industry?

bambata slippers
Stable or at least better electricity supply will be a big favour. Secondly, full ban on imported shoes to promote shoe making in the city and country as a whole. Lastly is a reasonable or non-interest loan.


Are there young people you are grooming currently?

Yes, we have interns and our major aim is to make them better and stand on their own.


Where do you see your brand in five years?

To be a strong household name globally, talk about footwear anywhere in the world then you have to talk about our brand. I want the story of BamBata to inspire other youth.



And that was it, Mr Bamidele is such a vibrant entrepreneur.


So, he is giving out one of his sleek and comfy slippers for free to one of IbadanInsider readers, and here are the simple steps to follow:


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