Moshood Oluwakorede Kehinde is an Engineering Student, a twin, who had spent growing up in Ibadan. In his words; “I’m passionate about technology, solving problems and creating opportunities for people around, like jobs. He is the brain behind comestibles.

About your Brand

Comestibles is an E-commerce platform with a difference. It’s a platform that connects food vendors and consumers together, creating a food chain for farmers, restaurants, grocery stores and food consumers hence, providing a service for stakeholders and the food supply chain. We are all consumers of food; hence what comestibles have in store is helping people skip the problem of having to go through the rush hour of queuing for food and the “change” dilemma. In essence, Comestibles provide a delivery service for food and allows a customer pay for food right from his/her mobile phone. In regards, anyone that wants to avoid queue trouble and cash change drama can always use comestibles to order food from various food vendors of their choice.

Who are your Target Audience?

This is split into two; Students and Working class, putting into consideration demographics of an age gap of 16 years old to 60 years old. Basically it is expected that people in this age bracket should either be students or working class

Are you able to reach your Target Audience?


How are you able to measure your audience?

The platform allows for signing up; this allows determining what category each audience belongs to. We have various plans according to the age gaps; as some are specifically designed for students and some for the working class. The plans are just basically categorized into classes the various age gaps can afford

What would you say has been the reaction of the Ibadan people to buying food online?

Often, there had always been the popular saying that when businesses such as ours, especially with an E-commerce platform, it is advised that it is taken to Lagos, as Ibadan is slow. But aside growing in Ibadan, the truth is that, Ibadan is an offshoot of Lagos with a larger potential. Ibadan people are not stale, and they are not people who are not tech savvy. It would interest you to know that, we stopped operations for couple of days, so as to improve and upgrade our platform and we lost over 4 customers we called in that they wanted to order food. In essence, Ibadan people are willing to give you a try as long as your brand proves trustworthy

Is Comestibles a Business that has come to stay or just want to make money for the time being?

This is a business that has come to stay and the long-term goal of this business to create a cycle and platform that services a food chain across Nigeria. The big picture is to actually raise the standard of living of farmers. It is painful to watch farmers go through all the hard work and earn less; hence, Comestibles provides a channel where farmers can sell their products directly to a final consumer. Basically, our goal for the next five to ten years is to re-define the ecosystem for food supply in Nigeria. Food should not be a burden or an issue in this country, as it is essential to mankind; and one thing I have come to learn is that, when food is no more a concern, productivity increases

Do you have employees?

Yes. We have opportunity for interns; we have couple of people who are voluntary employees and a bulk of people who are paid employees. This is a growing brand; couple of our employees is still students while a few is just graduate.

What are the challenges you face as a young entrepreneur

As a young entrepreneur, you face challenges but as a student entrepreneur you face more challenges. As a student entrepreneur, there is class, and at times the issue of parents; my dad does not fully support this, he’s more about the books and the degree so balancing school and entrepreneurship is not been easy. Another challenge, is getting the right set of people to work with, the challenge to get people who understands the vision and put into productivity expertise. Among many other challenges is finances; but I believe in being persistent as challenges would start to become opportunities

How do you use social media to promote your business?

It’s essential that for every startup, social media is always a good tool to put the word out there to the brand. For comestibles that has a target audience of an age gap of 16 – 60 years old, social media is a good platform to leverage on (we have social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook as Comestibles Nigeria. Aside social media allow for Ads which helps to adequately monitor return on investments

Where do you see Comestibles in 5 years

“Thank God, I would be done with school next year” (giggles) it allows for 100% commitment, no distraction; even though we still get to give 100% despite school engagements but you could imagine what it will be without school in the loop of things. In the next 5 years, comestibles is hoping to expand and extend to some major cities in Nigeria, engage more with farmers and allow exporting of farm produce from Nigeria, something like an Amazon of food for Nigeria.

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