Grey Motives is a management consulting firm which is into event support services, event management, & tourism destination management & marketing services. It has been in operation since August 31st 2014. Miss Remilekun Lawal is the CEO of Grey Motives Integrated Ventures.

What was the passion behind starting up the business?

I have always loved management services and coordinating things. I have always loved the activity behind putting events together; the adrenaline rush of being  part of something big.

I am a graduate of Public Relations & Advertising from the Lagos State University. Management comes easy to me. I had attended events and have seen how shabby or not so detailed most of them were.

I and a group of friends started an event management company in school but it just dissolved as it was put together. Lol. Some girl issues. But after that experience, it became a goal to have a company of my own offering a fusion of services I have always paid attention to. In 2014,the opportunity came through a project idea and we have been in operation since then.

Every business has a target audience, how do you narrow down yours?

I served in Ibadan and since then, Ibadan has been home away from home. Ventura is just one of the places I have been opportune to work from. We do not have an office in Ventura but we have a contact person who is also a partner in the company.

Grey Motives’s market audience is wide. We cater to the middle class individuals who have a need for and can afford to contract support services out to a 3rd party. We worked with Ibadan City Info for the 2015 Ventura Red Concert. That was our first elaborate event and since then, Ventura has been more or less family.

What is the marketing plan behind choosing Ibadan for your business?

Grey Motives is not restricted to Ibadan. The nature of the services we transfer cannot be restricted to a particular environment. We operate from Lagos and hope to expand in the nearest future. But why choose Ibadan?Like I said, Ibadan grew on me. The city and it’s serenity became somewhere I craved.

During NYSC, I noticed a couple of things I wished were present in Ibadan. Especially a way to increase the entertainment buzz of the city… Make it come alive and all sorts. I noticed a lot of young people were relocating and I saw that Ibadan had the ability to become an entertainment enclave just like Lagos. Basically I saw an opportunity and eventually the time came to harness it and I jumped on it. Ibadan became home and I want to use Grey Motives to make ‘home’ all it can be and much more!

Do you feel theres the market for your business in Ibadan? What gives Grey Motives a competitive edge?

Yes!  I see a buzzing market for our business here. The market isn’t over-saturated here unlike Lagos and it’s counterparts and I feel that organizations that take advantage of the growth opportunities inherent now will stand as reference points in the future.

In Grey Motives, we have our core values and it is all about the customers we serve and providing quality service delivery at every interaction. This is our competitive edge. The way and manner we make this happen helps us carve a niche.

How do you recruit and manage employees; as it is popularly belief that there are little or no permanent roles in an event planning company? 

Well, apart from a couple of positions which I must say are few, event management companies try to shed unnecessary overheads by making use of contract staffs. This is what we do too. Most of our activities are carried out by contract staffs and only when we have need for permanent staffs (which we haven’t had need for yet)  then we start a recruitment process. But basically, I would work with people who can actually deliver on the field than people with high delivery on their certificates. Our recruitment process will be skill based 100%.

If you were to have a staff like Pablo Ayodeji as one of yours when the issue of #keepTheChangeBae went viral, what would you have done?

Lol.  Well, in that scenario, I’d say I wouldn’t concern myself with what my staff does I  his personality time, on his personal social media space. And except these action directly undermines our corporate  & moral values or if his actions exalts such sensitive matters like rape, domestic violence, abuse and all such vices then I do not personal ally think the company should take any action against him. Although, if that got to my attention that a staff of mine was trending online for some childish negative behavior then it would rather be treated from an advisory point of view.


How do you recruit and manage employees; as it is popularly belief that there are little or no permanent roles in an event planning company?

Yes we have a platform for undergraduates, internship and graduate employment. This makes it possible for young people who are still in college to get temporary positions within the company. It also has a platform for internship as well as graduate employment.  This is one way I plan to give back and reduce the issue of unemployment we face as a nation. And to also bridge a gap I noticed while in school. We want to make it easier for people within the event and management field to come and get first hand working experience that would broaden their horizon in the field.  It can also add to their years of experience.

It is a platform where as an undergraduate, you can work at a temporary position and earn a living to take you through the system and most especially to provide a practical playing field under any of our departments (event management, facility management, tourism and leisure management).

Grey motives is an integrated management consulting firm. Which means we provide services across a a couple of interwoven management areas. Anyone who works with us has a lot to benefit from.



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