We are back and better, dedicated to bringing you the best, inspiring and amazing entrepreneurs in Ibadan. Today is an inspiring episode with Glory Omoregie, the CEO of Homecraft Interiors – www.homecraftinteriors.com. Enjoy!


Please Tell Us About You?

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I am  Glory Omoregie, I was born in Benin city, I moved to Ibadan with my parents and four siblings over 20 years ago when I was 7 years old. My secondary school was at Ibadan Grammar School and I graduated from Ambrose Alli University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics

What is Home Craft really?

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Homecraft is a full-service interior design and projects finishing firm. We specialise in consultancy, completion, renovations and remodeling of homes, hotels, offices, shop space. We also have a walk-in showroom for furniture ,blinds and other interior items.

How did you come up with the name “Home Craft”?                                                                    home craft-5

Well, I experimented with lots of business names before finally arriving at this. After a lecture in church about business branding, I was on my bed thinking of a unique name to match what I do, I want something homely as that is what I really do in an actual sense. There you have it; Home-Work, so I changed the “work” to “craft” and the name stuck. 🙂

At what point did you decide to start this business?     

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After I lost my father and my mother got sick, I worked briefly in a bank but I really didn’t feel fulfilled, so I started interior designing on September 24, 2004 which happens to be my birthday, it started with  selling out of a handbag,  but business gradually improved and I was able to rent a small shop. To God be the glory, we are here now. I run this showroom with my darling sister Ruth, we own it together.

Talking about technology, social media and interior design, do you think there a common ground?

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Of course. As it is now, what can you possibly do without social media unless you deliberately don’t want to move your business forward. Social media has brought me in contact with lots of people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  I  met a lot of my current  customers via social media and had successful transactions with them.

How have you been able to grow and also manage existing customers?

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Like I said earlier, I feel more fulfilment in doing this than I felt when I was working in the banking industry. Business is similar to marriage, the same term of “I choose you against all odds” applies here too. The core  ingredients that help the business to succeed are passion & consistency. However the   most important thing to me is  the fun I derive from this work, and that is what really keeps me going and growing.

Do you think Interior Design is a viable business in Ibadan?

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I have been in this business since 2004, if it is not profitable then I won’t be here today. I designed one of the best restaurants in Ibadan and other reputable hotels, I would be lying if I said  I am not making money.

What are the challenges you have faced since you started?        

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It’s the same challenges as every business owner in this country. Power supply is poor so we expend a lot of money  on fuel to light the showroom, Forex is also not favourable at the moment. All these things somehow affect business. Another problem is staffing, people so far worked with us only for money and do not have the required passion which is required to drive a firm forward.

How do you think both state and federal government can help?    

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I believe the first thing is to fix the electricity supply. If we are able to enjoy stable power supply in this country, trust me a lot of small businesses will survive. Another thing the government can do is access to low-interest or no- interest loans, a lot of things that we import can be manufactured here but  the cost of production is not affordable.

What are your long term goals?                                                   

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By God’s grace, in ten years or less, there will be branches of Home Craft Interior and Projects nationwide and abroad. Also, we will have our factories where we will manufacture  furniture of international quality and standard for world exhibition. Eventually, every home should have at least one or two items of Home Craft Interior no matter how small the item is. That is the goal and I really mean every home.

Any words for Readers?

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Well, contrary to the general belief about interior design, it is not expensive at all. You will be shocked how much pulp a premium paint on the wall can bring to your home and a bucket of paint is quite affordable. Consult us, walk in and talk to us about making your residential or commercial space lovely. I am sure everybody can afford something.


—– THE END (of the chat).

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  1. Homecraft is the leading Interior decoration company you can trust and rely on. And the amazing thing is that they are affordable.
    Every home indeed should patronise them. I have and my experience is great. Kudos to the CEO and the Team.


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