The Ibadan Entrepreneurs Network is a platform dedicated to advancing the entrepreneurial network by supporting entrepreneurs at all stages of growth and development. Their contribution to the growth of entrepreneurs in ibadan for the past one year has been quite astonishing and it feels like they have been here much longer.

We first got in contact with this group at one of their first event “Entrepreneurship Exhibition” held at Carlton Gate on Nov 17 2016. We were quite amazed at the amount of entrepreneurs that showed up,and the series of speakers who shared practical and applicable tips to help their businesses.

Ibadan Entrepreneurs
The Entrepreneur Exhibition held at Carlton Gate
Ibadan Entrepreneurs
The Entrepreneur Exhibitor Showcase at carlton gate
The Entrepreneurship Exhibition at Carlton Gate

Their activities continued with the “Ibadan Countdown Festival” which was a week long event with different activities and the business and networking day handled by the Ibadan Entrepreneurs network and held at Agodi Gardens.

Ibadan Countdown festival
Ibadan Countdown festival
Ibadan Countdown festival
The CEO of ibadan Entrepreneurs network with an exhibitor at the Ibadan Countdown festival


They also had another entrepreneurs event tagged “Mindset Makeover” with notable speakers like Jimi Tewe and Lanre Olusola” which held at “E99 Events Center” and pulled in a large crowd of entrepreneurs within and around the city. Other subsequent initiatives like their “Training, Coaching and Mentoring session”, and several other business masterclasses have really gone a long way in equipping ibadan entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills they need and as well improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem in ibadan.

Mindset Makeover
Attendees at the Mindset Makeover
Mindset Makeover 2016
Jimi Tewe at the The Mindset Makeover 2017
mindset makeover
Mindset Makeover 2017
On the red carpet at the mindset makeover 2017
Image credit:IEN

The CEO of the Ibadan Entrepreneurs Network, Mrs Adeleke Oyenike Abiodun, is no doubt driven to help Entrepreneurs in Ibadan raise their standards and make the city a hub of well groomed and successful entrepreneurs.In our interview with her last year, she mentioned that “There is something that we need to do for Ibadan Entrepreneurs. We need to give them a reorientation. A lot of ideas and beliefs about Ibadan need to be unlearned. When you enter a business and people are telling you that “this business is slow or unsustainable.” You get the feeling that they already feel defeated and stuck. We, however, need to let people know that businesses can thrive in Ibadan.”

Ibadan Entrepreneurs Network
An interview with the CEO of Ibadan Entrepreneurs Network
At the Launch of the Ibadan Store

From all the above will one say Ibadan Entrepreneur’s Network only just managed to organise lots of event with no impact to show for it? Certainly not, their pages is full of success stories who have benefited ome way or the other from the events, masterclasses and various support!

Still on the matter…. Celebrating and Showcasing our success stories They have brought #ibadan back to the map Join us to celebrate @wonderinspired_cakes Please read her interview with @ibadanpreneurs ame: Tolulope I. Adetunji. Business name: wonder Inspired #cakes et al located at Oriya Challenge. Business Type: Events Confectionery What prompted you to start your business? Having always been drawn to the kitchen, my mum being a huge influence, I developed an interest in mixing stuffs up and serving them to my foremost sensory evaluators- my family! Seeing my passion, Dad bought me those funny recipe books sold at car parks(who remembers them?) and I would find my way around whatever recipe I chose to use because the given measurements were mostly always inaccurate? I started baking with Mum’s stove and pot, with sand. In fact, I baked my first wedding cake with pot and stove! Mum has those huge party pots which I put to good use. Thankful for my little beginnings, thankful for where I am today, thankful for greater greatness ahead. Thank you Lord! 2. In all honesty, I had the strong impression to go for further cake training after NYSC, I couldn’t shake it off. I felt odd among my friends who were either applying for jobs or MSc but I have learnt to yield to the still small voice. Despite the ups and downs, I haven’t regretted it one day. Asides this, my love for baking and the pure joy of seeing people happily What has been your major challenge in business? Hmmmm…I will mention two challenges A. Building the creative side of my passion at the expense of the business side. 2. People wanting something good but not wanting to pay the price that comes with it. Who is your role model: My Mum The day you will never forget? The day we presented our final projects in cake school and my Uncle, Mr JT Damisa, said to me “you must come back home with first o” He and my Sisto, Mrs JF Damisa, saw the efforts I put into giving it my best shot. To God be the glory, I was the best in my set at creative cakes by Gbolahan. I have a dream to build the WonderInspired brand into multidimensional one.To positively impact lives through my #baking skills.

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In one year of hardwork and commitment to entrepreneurs in ibadan, their mission of  “Identifying, Showcasing, Enlightening, Empowering and Celebrating, Entrepreneurs” in ibadan has no doubt been fruitful. The Ibadan Entrepreneurs is no doubt a force to reckon with in ibadan’s entrepreneur ecosystem and We are excited to see many more years of hard work and continuous commitment to growing our cities economy.

Today they are celebrating one year anniversary in grand style and we felicitate them!

Long live this great initiative!

Behind every successful business, there are partners who work tirelessly to ensure all things are in place. There are people who have dedicated their time and resources to make Ibadan Entrepreneurs Network a force to be reckoned with. We make bold to showcase our partners. Join us to celebrate @yinka700 @tyonamade @cnokafor @ayoalexalao @dr.3plea @themisterfantastic @olufunkejedidiah To achieve anything of everlasting value, you must partner with others. #powerofcollaboration #partners #partnership #collaboration #future #wemakebold #ien@1celebration

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