Living well is eating well. We cannot talk about good food in Ibadan and somehow the name Jade’s Cuisine won’t be mentioned. Here is an exclusive interview with a top staff of this reputable restaurant.

What is Jade’s Cuisine?


We are an A-list modern restaurant that serves varieties of local and intercontinental dishes.


How did the name come into existence?

The name was culled from the real name of the CEO; Mrs Jadesola and since it sounds classy, she figured why not just stick to it.

When did you start?

Well, Jade’s Cuisine has been around as an outdoor and events catering service for about a decade but this place was opened officially in October, 2015 so watch out for our one year anniversary.


Why start a restaurant after a stint in events catering?

Well, it’s based on the demand of those we satisfy at our outdoor catering events and it seems like the right idea; a place to sit and enjoy good meals in Ibadan.


Is there a common ground between running a restaurant and technology?

By technology I assume you mean smartphones and social media. In recent times, important news by government is first shared on Twitter and if our government embraces and utilizes this medium, we believe it will be useful to our restaurant business too.

How have you grown and how do you manage customers?


We have our name and address listed in one of the leading business directory called HUVID, we also send bulk SMS periodically. We manage our customers by giving them more than just a good meal, we treat each customer like royalty and we satisfy them.


Is restaurant business profitable in Ibadan?

DSC_8290It is really profitable. Food is life, as long as your body craves good food and you are in Ibadan then you just have to come here. The population of this city is less than that of Lagos so we don’t get as much clientele as similar restaurants in Lagos but it is better in Ibadan than in any other state in the South-West.


What are the challenges?

We are sick and tired of poor electricity; the frustration of spending over fifty thousand naira weekly on fuel to run generator is just too much. Also the mind set of Ibadan people about modern restaurants like this, they believe we serve only Alakowe dishes at very expensive prices so they won’t even check in at all.

How can the Government help your business?

DSC_8409For a start, we need stable electricity. Secondly, they need to pay the salaries of civil servants because they are our immediate market, the economy is so messed up that people are not comfortable enough to visit modern restaurant for good food.

Do you still do outdoor services?

Yes, people make order and we deliver their food at home or office. Events  catering is available too, we cater for all sorts of social gathering almost every week and in the process train young people to become professional chefs.


Do you have a message for food lovers in Ibadan?
What is worth doing is worth doing well, if you are going to eat then you might as well eat good food and that’s Jade’s Cuisine middle name. Keep reading news from Ibadan Insider, these guys are the future and the future is already here.


Jade's Cuisine

Jade's cuisine


Jade’s Cuisine is actually a place worth trying out.


  1. hmm…these a place i should check, out soon, i hope they blow me away, and that is really difficult, cause am a gourmet

  2. hmm…this is a place i should check out soon, i hope they blow me away, and that is really difficult, cause am a gourmet


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