Jsay Prevarsity is an Ibadan-based college committed to raising young achievers. The college aspires to empower individuals to excel and stand out in every sphere of life.

At JSAY, we help students effectively manage the transition from O-level to A-level by helping them to develop study skills and techniques that will help them master the A-level curriculum and get well prepared for the examination. The programme includes study skills course, time management and revision techniques with intensive coaching that adequately grooms students to pass A-Level examination with good grades and also develop the right attitude needed for excellence in academics. The center is registered with both the Cambridge University GCE and London University GCE (EDEXCEL), and validated by the British Council.

In an interview with the founder, Mrs. Jumoke Akere: an Ekiti State University graduate who possesses two masters degree from the University of Ibadan. She enlightens us about the school and shares her views about education in Nigeria.

When and how did the college start?

Mrs Akere of Jsay Prevarsity

The college started in 2007. I realized at that point that young people after SSCE are lost and confused within the one-year time frame preparing for admission into tertiary institutions. How I started was simply a gradual process.


Mrs Akere of JSAY Prevarsity
My passion for education is my first motivation. After my secondary school, gaining admission into the university was really rough and my first year in the university was even tougher. This is what prompted me to help young people bridge the gap between secondary school and the higher institution.

Our Acheivements
Hundreds of students have passed through Jsay Prevarsity and they are all doing well in their various fields. Students, not only in Ibadan or Nigeria but around the world. In addition, we also give full scholarships to less privileged kids.

We face all sort of challenges starting different projects from scratch. We have had location problem in the past, but we are here now and stable. Dealing with a lot of young people could be difficult and really challenging, but thanks to our team of qualified youth workers that understand how to manage and cope with their attitudes, needs and behaviour.

Internet,Technology, and Education, what is your opinion?
With the advancement in technology, there has been improvement and ease in teaching methods. The major concern is to manage our youth so they can only make positive use of the internet and technology.

Education situation in Nigeria?

Jsay Prevarsity A Levels Examination Session
Jsay Prevarsity A Levels Examination Session

Jsay Exam Session
To be honest, I think students have a lot to do as much as the government too. Our leaders need to create a suitable environment for young people to learn, as well as equipped facilities. Students on the other hand, should focus and have self discipline.

What needs to be changed?
Jsay Prevarsity
The one year break after SSCE and University is much more important than the public sees it. In my opinion, this time frame is meant to groom the mind of these pupils, train and prepare them for whats ahead. Most of these young individuals do not know what they want to be in life, they have no clear focus of a career path. This is where Jsay Prevarsity comes in to help make plans for the future.

Advice to parents

Some of Jsay's Prevarsity Staffs
Some of Jsay’s Prevarsity Staff

Every parent must create time for children regardless of their busy schedule. They should make out time to listen to their kids, help them discover whatever talent or passion he or she has. I believe a parent-child bond is priceless.


… End of Interview.


But really, you might have wondered why we claimed JSAY Prevarsity has produced and is producing champions, yeah! See for your self below:





Everyone privileged to pass through Jsay has become a titan in various works of life and have formed a great network right from Nigeria, to various part of the world.


Are you a parent? or do you have a relative who just finished secondary school? you will do them a lot of good by referring them to take a pretertiary institution program at JSAY Prevarsity.


You can reach the Program manager directly:

Phone: +234 (0) 805 535 8733
Email: akereolajumoke@jsayprevarsity.com

Website – http://jsayprevarsity.com/




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