Olayiwola Ogedengbe, an Agricultural Science graduate from FUNAAB, driven by passion to be a fashion designer shares his story of doing a fashion business in the great city of Ibadan. Here is an exclusive interview with owner of LAMAS CLOTHING NGR.



[mks_one_third]Olayiwola Ogedengbe aka Lamas[/mks_one_third]

[mks_one_third]Olayiwola Ogedengbe aka Lamas[/mks_one_third]





How did you come up with the name?

We have to go down memory lane (chuckles), I was born and raised a Catholic,a Buddhist priest is called LAMA which was the nickname given to me as an altar boy back then. Aside that,I wanted an unusual name for my brand that will raise questions as you are asking now, so the name stuck.5


Where are you from?

I am from Ilesha in Osun State but I was born and raised here, also my family and business are in Ibadan so I might as well say I am from Ibadan.



You studied Agricultural Science, what prompted you to become a Fashion Designer?


Passion. I have always loved dressing well and more importantly dressing well for people.


Tell us about the transformation from Agricultural Science graduate to a cloth maker?


LAMAS CLOTHING NGR actually started before leaving school, i started as a sketch artist. I’ll sketch different amazing style and give it to an old tailor near my hostel to turn it into clothes. During strikes and meaningless school breaks,I decided to learn how to sew and the remarks encouraged me to what we have today.


When Did You Start  This Outfit? How Have You Grown Your Client Base Too?

We officially came into existence as a brand in 2007 but the idea has been around way back in 1998. Getting clients hasn’t been easy o, but thank God. It mostly has been on referrals: you make one customer really happy and that person brings two or more customers.


Over the years,will you say Ibadan people embrace fashion well and how do you manage your clients?

Trust me,the perception of Ibadan people about the art of dressing well is applaudable. As for my clients, it takes patience to manage and keep clients especially the difficult ones.


Is cloth making in Ibadan profitable?

YES. I totally agree the Fashion Business in Ibadan brings cool money. People in this town are willing to pay alot to look good,so long what you are offering meet up to their expectations.


What are the challenges?

Same challenges every entrepreneur in Ibadan is facing, the shaky economy, unstable power,fuel scarcity and price of fabric materials are super high now,all these are really affecting business owners.


We will really appreciate both States and Federal Governments support. A non-interest loan will go a long way,also Government officials should patronize us to encourage citizens to wear Made In Nigeria and Made In Ibadan.


Are there young people you are grooming?


Right now,no but LAMAS CLOTHING NGR is planning to open a standard Fashion school soon to help people develop skills and reduce unemployment.



Your last words for readers of this interview?


Thank you so much friends, family and customers of LAMAS CLOTHING NGR, keep supporting us. All glory to God, thank you Mr Adeyemi Oba (@UrbanCulture06) for your time, thank you IbadanInsider.com for the opportunity.

Please engage with us on social media; Twitter/Instagram: @Lamasngr

Or kindly put a call through on: +234 806 244 9072


  1. “As for my clients, it takes patience to manage and keep clients especially the difficult ones”-Lm Ngr . Love the way you hit It. #buidlingempire

  2. Lamas is just a “killer” fashion designer! My prayers r with him to make it to d peak of his career.

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