In our quest to bring you worthy people, places and stories in the ancient city of Ibadan, IbadanInsider team interviewed the current Miss Ibadan who was crowned six months ago. She talked about her personal side, The  challenges she has faced  so far and her long-term goals.


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Can You tell us and people who want to know you a little about yourself?                                                                                        

My name is Orogun Esther Olamide, a 200 level History student in  the University of Ibadan. I am  currently the holder of the  Miss Ibadan beauty pageant.

How did you get into the Miss Ibadan  competition and How did you emerge as winner?                                                       

  I first  heard about it through a friend, but I really didn’t take it serious then. However,God has a way of doing things. We had to do so many auditions and some other things, but I persevered, so I was crowned as Miss Ibadan in March 2016.

How did  your parents react (to yourMiss Ibadan win)?       

I have been modeling before the Miss Ibadan pageant, in fact I was the second runner-up at a beauty pageant before I entered  the Miss Ibadan contest. Like a lot of  parents of models, they were initially not totally cool with it. Now  they have come to  realize that  this is what makes me happy So they are happy for me now and give me the support I need

What can you say about  the experience Of being Queen?      

So far, it has been great. It’s a perfect blend of fun, stress, respect and honour. I said “stress” because now I have an image to protect and to enhance and therefore I need to be mindful of  the things I do. I would be lying, however, if I say that I don’t enjoy the respect and honour this position brings to me.

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Modelling and beauty pageants in Ibadan, what do you think is not right and how can it be corrected?    

 I must confess that modeling has not really reached the required standard here. The industry growth is uncomfortably slow. Brands are not encouraging us (models)  with jobs and endorsements, and the thing that is even more  sickening is that there  are still a lot of cases of managers/directors (of brands/companies) wanting to sexually assault models. I believe there should be more fashion shows, more brands should give endorsements (for models). There should more  billboards,poster and calendar jobs given to models based here and not those brought in from other cities. There  should be  encouragement upcoming models and brand and model managers need to keep their relationships (with models) professional.

So do you have plans for when your tenure as Miss Ibadan ends next year 

I hope to participate in more pageants, to be part of more fashion shows, to get more modeling jobs and to get  better as an individual and as a model.

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We are curious, how does an average day of  Miss Ibadan go?

As strange as it may sound,  I am actually an indoor person, I rarely go out unless I have an appointment or photo shoot. My average day starts and ends indoors

Do you have any Challenges with  being a beauty queen?

I experienced some hate and misunderstanding initially after the pageant. I still experience some form of  lack of understanding of modeling and models. In fact, I was attacked sometimes ago by hoodlums. Everything is fine now though, I am better adjusted and adapted to the lifestyle.

As Miss Ibadan what are your achievements so far? Do you have any targets in mind?

I  am working on a lot of projects at the moment, but I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet.

On a personal note now, are you married/dating or single?

{laughs} I am still single. {Laughs}

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What are your favorite things to do ?

My favorite color is Pink. i drink Garri a lot, so I’ll say my favorite food is Garri. Being Beauty Queen hasn’t changed that.  My favorite fashion item is the handbag, I love handbags. I also love reading and  watching movies. As I said before, I am not a much of a partygoer so whatever fun i want to have is mostly indoors. My dream place to visit  is Paris, I hope to visit Paris someday soon.

What do you think about the  wayward lifestyles of some  models and beauty queens?

As a beauty queen, I am bold enough to say that  I don’t behave that way, and i don’t encourage anybody else to adopt that  lifestyle either . People say i am humble and I believe that is how it should be. My mantra and that which I share with others is “Stay calm,  be friendly and be a role model to others.”

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Has your title as Miss Ibadan in any way had any negative impact on Your personal life and your academics?                                                            

Not at all. I make sure my career and my title do not by any means  disturb my academics. I try to find a balance between both.

What are your long term goals?

To  be an international model. The ultimate goal is to be Miss world one day  {laughs}. well, hopefully.

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How can fans connect with you?

I  am active on social media, but I am mostly on  Instagram and Facebook. Kindly follow @ola_midey on IG and Orogun Esther Olamide on Facebook.

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Thank you, Miss Ibadan for taking time to chat with us 

Thank you IbadanInsider for talking with me and the whole of Ibadan for giving me the opportunity and continuous support , keep the fire burning and don’t relent in your efforts


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