One on One With Waliya Akinwumi, The Ibadan Newspaper Dress Model

Hi guys,

We had a one-on-one session with the Ibadan Newspaper Dress Model, Akinwumi Waliya; with a photo session included…Enjoy.

Introduce Yourself?

I am Akinwumi Waliya Odunayo, a Political Science graduate from Al-Hikmah University. I’m an indigene of Naalende and also a lover of Amala and Gbegiri; one of Ibadan’s local food.

What inspired your recent Photo-shoot concept?

I have seen a model dressed in Newspapers before now but was standing beside the popular Maruwa, so I decided to add a new concept to it which was the location depicting the beauty of the Ibadan. It is also a concern that when it comes to the Entertainment industry, Ibadan is lagging behind; for instance, the last time we had Miss Ibadan Beauty pageant was in 2016, unlike places like Lagos, with their streets holding their own beauty pageant.

How did you feel about the media attention your photo-shoot got?

They were just random pictures that I didn’t know could go get such media attention. I was at home with my family during these moments; so all I did was to give the glory to God and also think on what next. Although this is not my first photo shoot, I had one back in 2016 but my parents haven’t come into acceptance with my career but they are fine with it now; my mother even called towards this interview.

Your brand showcases history, who has been helping with the history?

While growing up, I love listening to folktales and when it comes to History, I also ask questions from my parents, my mother, especially. I would also say, History runs in my blood.

What should we expect from you soon?

I just concluded a photo and video shoot at the first indigenous quarry center in the south-west; which will be released soon. Many people didn’t know about this in Ibadan; more to come also.

Do you have anyone you are looking up to in the industry?

For now, no one, I am just someone that is doing my thing and I am not the kind of person that watches TV

Is there something personal, you would love to share?

Well, I am sure many don’t know I am a mother; I have a Son

Do you have any message for the upcoming artists like yourself?

I want to encourage the upcoming artist, not to go for the money or fame, put passion first; this will attract to you many other things.

Thanks for your time

You are most welcome.

Check out some pictures from the photo session

Akinwumi Waliya

Akinwumi Waliya






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