Communication has taken a new turn, all thanks to technology. A lot of tasks can now be done with ease using various applications on different ranges of devices.

@IbadanInsider team paid a visit to Onilu Prime; a popular gadget store founded in 2012 with two outlets inside University of Ibadan. We had a brief chat around gadget and technology trends in Ibadan.

Ibadan and new technology?

Onilu prime

Contrary to what others think of Ibadan, people of this city are aware of every latest device and willing to go for it.

Which type of phones are mostly used?

Phones at Onilu Prime
Android because it’s affordable. There is always a brand of Android for people with little budget and upper class people with higher budget.

Most purchased Android smartphone brand?

Onilu Prime

Tecno remains the number one, then Infinix and Samsung.

Are sales of smartphones taking over PC sales?

Onilu Prime
The thing is, you can’t use a mobile app for what you are suppose to use PC for or even tablets. Each has its distinct functions. Though most of the task can be done with smartphone but when the work flow is much, you still have to buy a PC.

Most purchased brand of laptop?


Ibadan people prefer to buy a popular brand. HP, Dell and Lenovo is really doing well in market  these days too.

Desktop Computer still make sales?

Onilu prime repairs
Yes, schools and offices especially still use it. You know like I said earlier, they all have their distinct role.


Most purchased accessories?

Onilu Prime Ibadan

For phones, it’s earpiece and power bank. For Laptop, it’s charger and battery.

Purchase culture in Ibadan?

Onilu Prime
People of this city go for device based on their budget, that is primary. Then functions of such phone, tab or PC.


Onilu prime staff

Onliu Prime

Do have a successful week.


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