First, a little background. I am a graduate of Civil Engineering from The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Like other students of Higher Institutions in Nigeria, unduly inundated by agonizingly prolonged and frequent strike actions, I was elated to be finally done with it. I eagerly received my posting letter to Rivers State with open hands.

Regrettably, those hands were not as open when I needed to make purchases of  my camp necessities. I want to categorically state here that I do not enjoy shopping, especially when it involves moving from one store to another. Yet, I bravely got some of what I needed. At camp in Nowa Gbam Tai, Rivers State, I went through the process of being an “otondo”. It was in my daze that my eyes finally opened to the hilarious state of some of my fellow “otondos”.


The white tee-shirts and knickers of some guys were downright jocular. They were either over-sized or under-sized. The shirts were too short to cover the tummy of some while the shorts were too short . And the boots, o the boots! I could count more than a few guys who had the front of their boots punctured so that their toes would stick out from its plastic confinement to compensate for the undersized boots given to them.

Anyway, what I saw that day and gathered from fellow corp members illuminated my mind to a wonderful possibility: the possibility of buying all the camp necessities of the right sizes at one place…online, and get it delivered to their doorstep before coming to the orientation camp.

Now two years after my service, the dream had not lost its lustre. How could it have when I had family and friends lovingly breathing down my neck? Their support was of tremendous help. Today, is live,a innovation that will help prospective corp members shop for camp materials, easily find orientation camp locations, book travel tickets, learn the basic culture of wherever they are posted to and of course write their stories.

Some of the items we sell include, white shirts and knickers, socks, plastic shoes, towels, suitcases, sunglasses, power bank and a whole lot more. These are available in various colours and  sizes. We also have an  efficient delivery system in place to get these items to the buyers.

image is a one-stop online store for corp members. It is designed  to ease the stress of shopping for orientation camp necessaries. It is also a platform for corp members to engage one another and relate their experiences. Amazingly, all products of are “Made In Ibadan” of the  finest quality and taste for all nationwide. To know more about  OtondoMarket, kindly visit or engage with us on social media; Twitter: @Otondo_Market and Instagram: @OtondoMarket

Story as narrated by:
Fashola Jephtah Ola
Founder,Otondo Market.



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