Oyaleke Ayobami is the brain behind placements.com.ng, a fast-rising tech startup in Ibadan that provides internship opportunities to students. With placements.com.ng, students can easily search and find IT placement opportunity. Of course, the name placements is from IT Placement, simple and easy right?


We had the opportunity to chat him up and here are the excerpts:


I am Oyaleke Ayobami.I had my primary and secondary education in Ibadan before proceeding to Akure for my higher education.I studied building in FUTA though I have not really been practising it since I left school.I have always wanted to study computers.

Tell us 5 weird things about you

I swim, I dive from very high heights, I drink sometimes on special occasions, I do not take cold drinks and I watch yoruba movies to relax.

What do you think about educational system In Nigeria?

The educational system in Nigeria is fair from my own point of view but in comparison to other international countries then there are things that should have been imbibed to the system.When it comes to the use of technology in education we are not really there yet.For instance: There are still some schools where teachers still write on the board and students learning with the use of their books when note pads could actually be used.There is still a lot that could be improved upon in the educational system in the country.

Do you think there is likely any miracle that will happen in the educational system in Nigeria?

          Yes of course and very soon actually.I look forward to an era when teachers, instructors, and lecturers do not necessarily need to come to class before they teach or even if they come to class, they can teach without stress.It is also glaring that if Education and Technology are merged efficiently together, then there will be a lot of ease in teaching effectively.

Why are you so passionate about the Nigerian Youth that you decided to solve one of the major problems they face?

Africa is seen as a continent with a lot of problems and a popular saying goes thus; places with lots of problems are places with lots of opportunities’.I am a proud Nigerian and I’m passionate about the Nigerian youth because I believe in our potentials and capabilities.I am actually focusing on the youth because I believe to influence a place, I have to start somewhere.I believe in Nigeria and with what we are doing at Placements coupled with other folks doing great things, we could actually move this country forward.


What will you do with Placements if you had 1 Million Naira right now or will you quit it for another bigger project?

A million naira is actually too small to quit what we are doing at Placements.It is not always about the money, it is majorly about the value and the impact we want to have, even with a million dollars, I will still not quit Placements.With what we are doing at Placements right now, we look forward to  a country where the level of unemployment is reduced to its barest minimum so if I have N500,000 at hand now,the next thing will be to get more facilities and put more structures in place for interns to gain the right skills and the value they need for them to be employable in the labour market because I have observed that the problem of people getting jobs is not really about the income but the unavailability of the right skills.

As an entrepreneur, we know you do not usually want to influence one sector, so what other sectors would you love to go into?

I would love to go into Agriculture because that is a sector that is very important, apart from it being a major source of food in the country, it also provides employment opportunities which create value to the economy.

Do you think Agriculture and Technology are related?

Yes, they are, although they are two separate industries in the country, both have gotten a bit interwoven these days and that is where the term ‘AGRITECH’ comes in.

Who is your role model in the entrepreneur world?

Mark Zuckerberg is my role model.

What Countries would you love to travel to/countries you would to go speak at technology conferences?

I would love to travel to India because of their level of technology, I would also love to travel to Japan, United States and the United Kingdom.I would love to travel to African countries to speak at conferences because the level of technology in Africa has still not fully been explored.


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