This week marked the 20th anniversary of Seed of Life Schools, Ibadan. The school marked it in style with a week-long celebration from 8th to 12th, October 2018. The event featured;

A teachers appreciation session


Parent-staff novelty match


Inter-house sporting competition


Free optical checkup and treatment for students


Exhibition and award presentation to members of the school’s entrepreneurship club


Personal development seminar for the students


A carnival


Community development (donation of a 6-unit toilet block for the student and staff of Community High School, Adamansigba)


Finally, the event was wrapped up with a thanksgiving service on Friday, 12th October 2018









At the 20th anniversary celebration, Ibadan Insider had a brief interview with the proprietress of the school, Mrs Kikelomo Runsewe.


Can we meet you, ma’am

I’m Mrs Kikelomo Runsewe, the proprietress of Seed of Life Group of Schools. I am an Ekiti woman married to an Ijebu man and we’ve been married now for over three decades. Our marriage is blessed with wonderful kids and grandchildren.

My family moved to Ibadan when I was about 3 years old and I’ve always lived in Ibadan. I also schooled in Ibadan.


Seed of Life Group of School

Seed of Life Group of School actually started  27 years ago with our primary school arm. It’s the college that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this week. Seed of Life Schools started as a Crèche and Nursery School in 1991 and has since bloomed into Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools with four locations in Ibadan.

Our students are at the centre of everything we do and our aim is to give them the best opportunities that we possibly can. With academics as our major focus, our students are also equipped with other fundamental skills to help them achieve mental, spiritual, physical and sociological growth. We are committed to nurturing them to enable them to attain all-round excellence.


Our curriculum is fully Nigerian, always kept-up-to-date and constantly revised to meet the national academic standards and requirements as well as being internationally recognized. Our devout academic and administrative staff consists of a plethora of good teachers and qualified professionals in their respective fields. They are dedicated and committed to catering to the all-round development of our students.


There are a lot of schools in Ibadan, what makes Seed of Life unique?

Our principal values, which form the basis of daily interactions between students and staff are Spirituality, Integrity, Holistic education, Continuous improvement, Diligence, Child-centered learning

Our aim is to provide our students with the skill-set and mindsets to enable them to become innovators and leaders in their fields of endeavour.

We work towards being a co-educational institution raising a generation of godly, highly skilled and excellent individuals prepared to transform society through knowledge and character. We invest a lot in our students in the classroom and beyond the classroom.


We enhance and support our students’ learning experiences by exposing them to opportunities that allow them to develop key life skills and experience studies that cannot be achieved inside a classroom.


27 years is not a joke, what kept you going?

Well, for a school like this, and for everyone who has a school and is actually doing it God’s way, it’s been really challenging. However, when you know the one who is behind you, you  keep moving irrespective on whatever is going on because you are sure and particularly, I am sure of what God said about Seed of life and that is the essence of the strength we have been pushing through with over the years.


Can you share some of the challenges you’ve faced with us?

Challenges! You know when you deal with human beings as we do, you cannot imagine the challenges you would have. You have to relate with the children, the parents, the members of staff and the society at large and these are a lot of people that you need the wisdom from God to achieve what you set out to do if you have to relate with them


As a school of 27 years, we would expect a strong alumni

The school’s alumni have just been wonderful! They’ve never left us and we believe we would have a great number of them coming around for the 20th anniversary despite their busy schedules and distance.


Any other big surprises from Seed of Life Schools?

Definitely! we are just scratching the starting. The sky is our starting point and not the limit.


Any final words?

Ibadan is a blessed city and I would implore the residents of Ibadan to patronise us because God has spoken well about us.


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