There are 24 hours in a day, and most of us spend average of 8 hours at work. During these work hours, some people tend to work all day so as to have more output while other people tend to take rest in between so as to work smarter.

Being vibrant at work has to do with how well you manage your time. This write-up will help you out on how you can be more productive at work.

1.Stay organized

Learn to manage your time.Make a list of the things you want to do for the day, so that you would not spend your time on unnecessary activities. Timing is one of the main ingredients in making your work smart. In addition, timing makes you set your priorities right.

2. Possess a team spirit

Lots of people have this notion of carrying out their assignment on their own without nobody’s help, so that they would get the credit alone. Most times, such people don’t really last long. For instance, a proprietor can not work as a teacher, gate man, school driver, cleaner and the likes at the same time.

Team spirit is the key in any vibrant office.

3. Take regular breaks

Personally, I can not work or read for two hours straight. I would go blank if I do. I take breaks such as listening to music, gisting or chatting.

It is advisable to take breaks between work, so as to fresh and boost your memory.

4. Set a Deadline.

You would be more active with your assignments when you have a deadline for each task. Well, sometimes, setting the deadline is no big deal, but stick to it is.

Commitment is very essential. Sticking to your deadlines makes you productive.

5. Avoid Multitasking

Sometimes, we tend to multitask because we believe it is more efficient and helps to get things done faster. In contrast, it has been discovered that the human brain works most efficiently on a single assignment rather than switching from one task to another.


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