Gift Agboro is a young lady and a current student of the University Of Ibadan passionate about making a positive impact.She is the founder of the G7 initiative: a Mentorship Academy Program where she takes young girls between the age of 17-20 years through a one-year mentorship span where the young girls are groomed with well-seasoned mentors and topics pertaining to life and purpose. Read below what she had to say about G7 and how it will empower young female leaders.

Can you tell us briefly about G7?

G7 as a name started up from an idea to impact my immediate community specifically young ladies in the University Community by actively engaging them through mentorship.

G7 when broken down:

G stands for growing;

7 portray the number of perfection.Hence growing towards perfection through mentorship.

It started last year, July 24th and till date, we have seven girls undergoing mentorship through the scheme and what this initiative seeks to achieve is raising female leaders yearly by connecting young ladies to a mentor for one year.

Through this scheme, sound values are inculcated, strong character is being built and self-discovery is fostered (all these are important for the 21st-century leader).

What is mentorship to you?

Mentorship to me means an intentional relationship(direct or indirect) which exists between two individuals; the mentee and the mentor.By virtue of this relationship, the mentee learns and climbs on the shoulder of the mentor who shares his or her life experience, mistakes, ideas geared towards making the mentee a better version of himself or herself.

Mentorship can be said to be a two- way street.By this I mean the mentee is not just the one at the gaining side,but also the mentor is given the opportunity to grow which comes to play by virtue of sharing or pouring out his or her ideas and in so doing finds fulfillment.I would also like to say that mentorship is not sponsorship as wrongly believed by some.

How do G7 plan to achieve her aim towards raising girls that will make lasting impact in the country and beyond?

In order to achieve this aim, we call for online applications for girls who are interested and after careful and thorough selection using our parameters we match them with our mentors-young professionals who have stood out in their life’s  pursuit and career.I would like to state that in our pursuit to make lasting impact in the country and beyond, our mentees are encouraged to impact their society by giving back either through mentoring another young lady or engaging their community towards positivity.

Asides engaging our selected mentees to mentors, I would like to state that we also seek  to reach out to a larger number of ladies through mentorship conferences and trainings we organize where speakers from different walks of life converge to engage our participants on how they could be better individuals.By this, we believe that we are playing our own part towards positively impacting individuals who would in the long run impact the country and beyond.

Apart from being mentored, what do the girls benefit more?

Asides our mentorship scheme ,we also hope to train our mentees on developing soft skills and through our network, mentees get informed on opportunities which they can benefit from and many more.

Does G7 have plans for girls in secondary schools?

Yes,by collaborating with organizations seeking to impact young girls in secondary schools,as i believe the aim is to impact and build capacity of young  emerging female leaders.

Is G7 meant only for girls in UI?

No,it is not,it seeks out to reach out to ladies all over Nigeria,Africa and beyond.


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