It’s no news that the population of graduates outnumber the job opportunities available in Nigeria. Every year, a large number of graduates are churned out of various higher institutions. 

This is partly due to the belief that graduating from a higher institution gives one a better qualification and also increases the chance of being employed. Hence, we have more graduates competing for job opportunities than before. 

President and Chief Executive Officer, Postgraduate school of credit and financial management, prof Chris Onalo said ninety-five percent of Nigerian graduates are not employable because what is being taught in schools does not match with what the labour market requires, he expressed this concern while talking about issues confronting the educational sector in an interview with the Guardian in July, 2018.

This is an indication that acquiring degrees and professional qualifications before graduating from school or even after school without relevant working ethics and relevant industry skill which are easily acquired through internships, volunteering, industry training or summer jobs could be term a sheer act of fruitlessness.    

Do you wonder why recruiters would often prefer a Nigerian job applicant trained abroad to a Nigerian who was schooled on the soil? The difference is the skill, experience and exposure. 

The education system today does not give enough room for career development hence, the reason you need to step out of the BOX. Until you step up your game and pave way for your career growth, there would always be a better choice over you. 

Exposing yourself to work opportunities provides you with experiential knowledge that cannot be defeated by years of being glued to books. Building up yourself in the most relevant skills needed for today’s workplace gives you a competitive advantage over others. 

Let’s reason together. What do you do in your leisure time, school breaks, long holidays and work leave? This is not to say you should avoid having fun. We love having fun too!  But it’s just a reality check on how you have been spending your time.  

Learning opportunities can come off as volunteering on courses that permit you to explore your knowledge, internship offers or applications or industry based skills training. At this stage, you shouldn’t be interested in the money or pay but the exposure, skills and the experience these can afford you in three to six months. 

 In recent times, many companies seeking to employ fresh graduates prefer to take them in as interns or volunteers. While some explore the route training graduates for three to six months to build their competence on the job.

To clinch a job and build a career out of it, you just need to be smart, skilful, exposed and knowledgeable about your industry. 

.Are you stuck on what skills are most revered in job applicants today that affords you the opportunity to fit into any company and need guidance on where your starting point could be? 

Let’s introduce you to TinklingD Academy – a Digital Marketing Institute in Ibadan that runs an intensive and comprehensive Digital Marketing course for enthusiasts looking to become professional digital marketers and fit into the workplace regardless of their background courses

So what if you are not an enthusiast? Here is one reason why you should be, digital marketing skills is one of the highest paying skills in 2019 and will be in the future

This is not an opportunity you want to miss this year. Therefore, grab this opportunity and register for TinklingD Academy three months intensive digital marketing training which starts August 5th and ends October 31st.

Aside from acquiring a new skill that could give you better chances on work opportunities, there are extra perks for enrolling at TinklingD Academy Ibadan, which are listed below: 

  • employment opportunity at TinklingD digital marketing agency after the training provided you get a distinction.
  • working on live projects which will add to your wealth of experience
  • three internationally recognised certificates that you can leverage anywhere in the world.

So,  how do you grab this opportunity? You can get started by visiting TinklingD Academy website, or call 08024059293 for further questions that you may have.

Remember there is nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity, enrol before classes start.



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