Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing



Business Needs Digital Marketing

Business needs Digital Marketing because Change is constant. Year in year out, you would agree with me that our society changes rapidly. There is a need to flow with the latest trend in the society in order not to be left behind, which might serve as a big threat to one’s business. I will be taking you through why your business needs digital marketing.

Your business needs digital marketing for obvious reasons. Gone at the old days, technology has greatly improved beyond what it used to be. Technology has made communication among humans much easier, as we now have smartphones, computers and internet at our fingertips.

Why then do we need to stress ourselves when we could sit at the comfort of our offices, homes and connect with large audiences? A quick flashback to those years in Nigeria when we had to use post offices, Newspaper Delivery men, phone booth, e.t.c until mobile phones beckoned to us in year 2000 and we Nigerians accepted it with gratitude.

Are you still pessimistic why digital marketing is so important to your business growth? Well, digital marketing is not only a fast-growing force in the field of marketing in the world, it is bound to replace the old forms of marketing, just the way mobile phones came into play in 2000.

Before explaining the benefits, you derive from digital marketing, it is necessary to list out the forms of digital marketing:

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing

  • Websites and SEO content
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Linkedln, Instagram etc)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing (sms, mms, etc)
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Online video content

All these mentioned above can be used effectively to grow whatsoever business you are into as it has proven that Business Needs Digital Marketing.
Why Digital marketing?

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  • Better Exposure


With just an email, or social media campaign you can cover a very large number of audience within minutes which on the other hand, takes a great deal of time for traditionally marketing method.


  • Track Customers from the first Interaction


Another benefit of digital marketing is that you can easily monitor and track results, rather than conducting very expensive customer research, you can check customer’s response rate and evaluate your success of your marketing campaign which would enable you to plan more effectively next time.


  • Cost-efficient


Digital marketing is affordable when compared to the traditional marketing method when you have to employ staffs who are charged with the responsibility to market your businesses.

You can plan out a successful internet marketing within your budget. A well planned and organised digital marketing can cover a large audience at a lower cost. So it is a fact that digital marketing provides an inexpensive way of advertising compared to other forms of advertisements.


  • Saves Time


Digital marketing provides real time result in no time. It is so efficient that you can track your conversion on the go which is good for all business.


  • Brand building


Digital marketing helps to establish, develop and promote your brand. It can promote it on different platforms and in some cases when your campaign goes viral, it builds more reputation for your brand.

In conclusion, digital marketing is here, and it is best for SMEs to gladly accept this great turn-around from traditional marketing method. Any businesses who fail to embrace and adapt to the new marketing climate is at greater risk of failing and going into extinction. That is why TinklingD is here to sort out and help any SMEs who is ready to embrace the new reality of marketing. They run a Full Service Service Digital Agency at a very affordable price.

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