On the 20th of August 2016, all roads will lead to Nustreams, Km 110 Alalubosa Road GRA Extension Ibadan for Digify Bytes Ibadan 2.0. Digify Bytes is a one day training programme organized by Digify Africa, which is aimed at giving thousands of young learners between ages 18-30 a shot at learning digital marketing skills. The event started in South Africa, but it has since been adopted by Kenya and Nigeria.  Digify Bytes events in Nigeria are held in Lagos and Ibadan. Last year TinklingD organized the first edition of Digify Bytes in Ibadan, and the turnout was impressive. This year TinklingD is taking it further with a 2nd edition and here are four reasons why you must be there.
1. The Content is Mind-Blowing and Awesome

The course content is divided into two parts, Digital 101 and Strategy 101. In Digital 101 you will learn stuff like Search Engine Optimization, how to develop awesome content that search engines will give priority to how to design websites and blogs, how to use UX, and how to use social media properly to promote your products, among other things. In Strategy 101 you will learn about research and trends, how to pitch your products and get into the customers head, how to do proper online and traditional market research for your products. The really cool thing is that you don’t even need to be a techie or a computer whiz either; you are going to be taught really basic and simple stuff. Things that are easily to learn yet can be crucial to your personal and professional online presence.

2.   … And It Is Totally Free

Yes you heard that right. You won’t have to pay a dime. Now you have no excuse for you not to be at Nustreams on the 20th of August for Digify Bytes Ibadan 2.0.

3. You Have the Opportunity to Network

The over a hundred people who were at Digify Bytes Ibadan 1.0 can attest to this. It was a massive opportunity for individuals and companies to get word around about what they do for free. This time around it is even bigger and better and more than twice that number are expected to be at this edition. Whatever you are, an individual, a brand or a business you are in Ibadan, you should be where the conversation is going on. If you want to be part of that massive conversation, Digify Bytes Ibadan 2.0 is the place you have to be. The awesome thing about Digify Bytes is that it is not a Nigeria only thing. It is also on in Kenya and South Africa, so when you participate in Digify Bytes Ibadan 2.0, you are plugging into a connection of millions of youths around Africa. That’s awesome right? I think so too

4. You Can be Part of a Growing Movement

Digify Bytes has become more than just a tech networking event, it has become a movement created as a result of a demand for those tech and strategy  skills and new ways of thinking that are already changing the world. That movement which started from South Africa has spread to Kenya and Nigeria. It is already a huge deal in Lagos, and finally Ibadan has arrived on the tech scene. You should be part of that movement too. If as a young person you get the requisite digital skills, you will be at a distinct advantage in the tech economy. If you do not get those skills, you will be left behind. It sounds ominous, but it is the truth. However it is not just about being left behind in the past, you should be among young people are already changing the world, young people who are taking charge of their own destinies with the tech and strategy skills they have gained. The good news is that those skills are now free for all and you can learn them too if you train for them in the right places. Digify Bytes 2.0 Ibadan is one of those places, and that is why it is an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.

To register for free get online on www.tinklingd.com/digify-bytes 


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