Startup South-West took place at Mauve21 Event Center, along Challenge – Ring-Road axis, on the 8th of April, 2017. The event welcomed a lot of I.T enthusiast and entrepreneurs from diverse circle.

Founder of StartUp-Arewa addressing one of the participants

Startup South-west is a private initiative by  ef-oneweb designed to create business development support for small tech startups with growth potential designed to help them achieve that potential. The idea is to open the techpreneural ecosystem in South-west Nigeria by identifying the key stakeholders of acceleration and ICT startups and fostering coordinated involvement and smart cooperation among them.

There were couple of speakers for the day; The Founder of Skannet and President of NIRA (Nigerian Internet Registration Association), Rev. Sunday Folayan  spoke on the basis of entrepreneurship, right time to start a business, scope of IT in Nigeria, the limitations of it. He also explained the policies behind Domain Registration, the “.NG” dynamics and ability to realize opportunity and solve problems.

The founder of  I-Bridge Hub, Pastor Francis Majedomu  talked on the opportunity of working with start-ups, and creating a platform where they can always add to the generation of their income. He also made mention of his Hub, , located at Nustreams Event Center, km 110, along Dugbe – Apata road.  The founder of Start-Up Arewa, Ibrahim Jega was also presen among others.

To round up the day, Professionals from the Cyber Security Unit gave Mr  Abiola Ogubdeko the founder of Start-ups South West an Honorary award as an ambassador to the professional unit, due to his immense contributions towards this field.

Founder of Skannet and President of NIRA addressing the Participants
A cross-section of the Participant



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