As the tech industry grows, there is the tendency for an increase in income of those involved. Over the years, a lucrative aspect of those whose income is believed to have increased much, are the software engineers. Depending on how these mechanisms contribute to the tech world at different times, it shows the level at which the increase has come. For instance, during the late 90s when the Web was birthed, there was some increase in their income.

However, there was another period that followed up till another ten years when there seem to be a form of stagnation in the income of software engineers. The analysts noted was due to out sourcing of jobs across borders, open source and cloud computing which brought about more competition and massive influx of software engineers as well as reluctance by some companies not to put out their software engineers for outside use.

From early 2010 however, there have been a massive increase in the salaries and income of software engineers because this comes as a period that software gained a high recognition among different sectors. In Nigeria today, software engineers are also highly needed and it has become a good means of income due to constant technology growth. The tech world now contribute to a large chunk of an enterprise’s productivity, there is tendency of even more increase in income.


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