Technology is changing the way we do things. The way we bank, the way we communicate, the way we eat (Yes!! There are now food ordering services all around us) and even the way we make purchases. Nigeria is gradually getting to that point where she begins to utilise her rich talents and budding entrepreneurs around the country  are using technology to create solutions to various problems.  Successful technology achievers and organisations from all around the world are now extremely interested in the rich opportunities that this  great nation can offer.

What makes a nation is actually the people in it. At the moment in Nigeria, a large number of individuals, organisations and firms are still lagging behind in terms of the ability to use  technology to their advantage. It is even worse in a city like Ibadan, but here is good news.

TECH JAM is here!!!

TechJam is a 2-day event,  about building an ecosystem of technology, startups, and entrepreneurship in Ibadan. This year’s TechJam will bring together many speakers, firms and exhibitors into Ibadan. You will have the opportunity to learn about new technologies, feel them, interact with them and also learn how to use them in your various endeavours.


Date: December 8-9, 2016

Venue: Nustreams Conference center, Ibadan


 Get More information and register at


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