If I told you that without Technology, Education would not thrive in this 21st century would you share the same thought with me? Do you think Education would be advanced with technology by its side? On this post we will attempt to answer these questions and also consider what education technology is and ways in which technology can or has improved Education.

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First things first, I would love to ask: What comes to mind when you hear Education Technology? If I told you to close your eyes and visualize with your mind’s eye, what would be the first statement you would say about Education Technology? What picture or object or scenario would spring up when Education Technology is mentioned? While you keep that in mind, let me take you through a short yet exciting historical journey on Education Technology.

According to Tony Bates in an article titled : “A Short History of Educational Technology” dated December 10th 2014, he stated that arguments about the role of technology in education go back 2500 years! Amazing right? In that article, the history of education technology was explained succinctly as he talked about the advent of education technology beginning from oral to written communication and then broadcasting which were all considered to be main modes of communication and as such the role of technology in education. He goes ahead to consider computer based learning, computer networking, online learning environments and social media as ways in which technology has helped education greatly in recent times.

But what struck me from what he stated which I would love to share was this:

…it can be seen that education has adopted and adapted technology over a long period of time. Also, new technology rarely completely replaces an older technology. Usually the old technology remains operating within a niche such as radio, or integrated as part of a richer technology environment, such as video in the internet.”

I can only then say that going back,  the seemingly older technology, radio, for example still has its role cut out in  improving education. That is, both the old technology and the new technology (internet) work hand in hand in improving education. However, due to advancement in technology, a lot of attention has shifted to modern/new technology as people would rather Google what they seek to learn using their smartphones or iPads as the case may be.  Read the full article here.

After briefly talking about the history of Education Technology, what can we say Education Technology is? Education technology is the type of technology which aims at improving educational performance and learning opportunities by creating and managing various technological processes and resources. Education Technology is that type of technology either in the hardware subsection such as phones or the software subsection of technology ranging from the internet, online learning platforms such as Edmodo (where lecturers can get term papers from students without necessarily being in the four walls of the classroom) which seeks to make the learning process much easier.

Education technology has some of its benefits which include:

  1. It motivates students and it encourages individual learning.
  2. It makes it much easier to access educational materials.
  3. It helps students learn new subjects and languages through Gamification (the use of gameplay mechanics). This has helped tremendously to make learning both fun and exciting for students, especially the mentally challenged ones.

Having considered these, I strongly believe that our aforementioned questions have been readily answered . Please do not hesitate to drop your own comments and your views as to ways you feel technology has greatly improved education.


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