The world’s  unemployment rate continues to increase day by day owing to the recent diversion to the use of machines  as against human effort. Companies have started replacing their workers with machines. They believe that the amount of the machines is equal to the salaries of their workers.

This trend has been adopted abroad. According to research, FedEx hope that in three years’ time they will have a pilot center with three or four pilots that fly the FedEx fleet around the country. In addition, the CEO of Russian tech giant Mail revealed that he invested in one company that uses robots to teach mathematics in schools.

Similarly, based on speculation, this trend might have been introduced into Nigeria. According to reports, Nigerian manufacturers especially in the Food & Beverage, Cement and Automotive industries are deploying robots to drive their operations.

Yale Bread, for instance. It is manufactured locally by Yale Food Limited, Ibadan. The product carries this slogan in Nigerian Pidgin: “Bread Wey Hand No Dey Touch.” This means the bread is made without human contacts. Findings further revealed that over 230 staff of a milk company in Lagos will soon lose their jobs to robots. It was learned that the milk company with presence in over 30 African countries has installed the machine and has concluded arrangements with the Labour Union to pay off all staff that would be affected by the exercise.

However, the introduction of these robots would render over 50% of Nigerians jobless if the plan is executed.


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