Before the popularity of social media, people were used to buying and selling their goods in the market places and stores around them.

About a decade ago, social media in Nigeria was only accessible to the rich because of the expensive data rates. Fast forward to about a decade later, the telecommunication networks have made data rates quite cheaper and affordable which has increased the number of social media users. The high percentage of social media users gave rise to online marketing among others.

Social media marketing is the use of various social media applications and various websites and blogs to promote business. The business could be buying and selling of products or rendering of services. Social media has made it easy for people to list their goods and services to millions of prospective buyers.

As good as social media marketing is, it has its cons as well as its pros. The greatest con of this type of marketing is internet scam. Scammers are everywhere, showcasing what they do not have.

The rate at which scammers are increasing day by day is alarming. The issue of scamming has made lots of online buyers lose their trust in online marketing.

I remember vividly when my mum wanted to purchase a pair of sandals online, and the price of the sandal was so cheap compared to how much she buys that brand. She was happy that that she found it at a cheaper rate, but I persuaded her that the stuff was most likely fake. How could she buy a sandal for such a ridiculous price? Mum ordered for it and it was delivered, and it is the original one.

So there are lots of people like that around, skeptical to get stuff online because of scam. I prefer seeing what I want to buy, feel the texture rather than going online. The thing I do online is to check for the price and check out the product review.

Even though I see lots of beautiful bags, shoes and wears online, I feel so scared to buy them.  Am I the only one?



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