Wait, what is really happening to the world?!. We heard that there are now air conditioners that are computerized to know when you are feeling hot and switches on automatically to make you cool, Yes, Its in Lagos already and soon to be in Oyo state. Also a company in the US even just hired a robot as a full staff lawyer, what! No wonder people are losing their jobs.

Technology and IT now powers everything, from games, leisure, banking even to real life operation. Good NEWS!, iBridge Hub Ibadan has partnered with cc hub Lagos to bring the Summer of Code to Ibadan. Summer of code is a 1-month computer and technology programming class for your kid, it runs from August 1st to 27th.

With N27,500 (for kids of age 5-8, 9-14years) and N30000 (for those of age 15-18years), they would get a well-thought knowledge of how to build computer programs, the fee also includes feeding, goody bag and other interesting stuffs. Complete registration by 25th of july and get a 30% discount.

Read more about summer of code here: http://www.ibridg ehub.com/news/register-for-summer-of-code-ibadan/

And see video of kids that have graduated from this course here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsrH4uvDo5w

Register your kid for Summer of Code here: http://bit.ly/SummerOfCode2016

You might complain that you are too old to get in the technology trend. But wouldn’t you rather invest in the future of your kids and prepare them to tap into the new technology economy? Only the wise play wise.

Don’t wait till its too late!!!


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