IbadanInsider TechJam 2016 is just 22 days away and we are super glad to get you into the Spirit of TechJam. From Today we will begin rolling out  TechJam Daily, a daily expose of the things to expect as we  countdown to the big expo. So here is the very first one.

Abiodun “Biggy”  Adepoju is one of the speakers at Techjam2016. He is currently the Map Maker Advocate for Google Nigeria and a Senior Managing Partner at Webcoupers. He has also worked  as a Data Aggregation Engineer, based in Oyo State  for INEC Nigeria and as an Intern at the University of Ibadan Bursary.

While he was an undergraduate student of Computer Science at  the University of Ibadan, Biggy led a team of his fellow students to map The entire campus of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria for Google.  As a result of this and some other initiatives he created for Google,  he was named the STAR Google Student Ambassador of the class of 2012.  

Biggy’s ability to think big not only helped him to be a successful Student Ambassador, it has also allowed  him to continue to use the  technology, tools and resources he has at hand  to continue to have a profound impact on his community.  Biggy believes  that there is hope again for Africa, as he can see many people like him who  are willing to put everything on the line to make their countries better. He feels that the opportunity that ICT provides for young people like him to access  information at a global level is truly tremendous and that such young people will be the people that will ensure that  that  Nigeria and indeed Africa rises again.

Biggy will be speaking at Techjam Ibadan about the Opportunities in Technology and its Implications for Personal and Business Growth.


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