Buying Used Devices, A Wise Option?

Day after day technology improves and so does the price. Buying a smartphone or a laptop can be expensive, especially when it’s the latest technology or newest arrival. A phone can cost up to ₦100,000 and even the iPhone 8 is rumoured to cost as much as a Macbook.

All these are quite consuming and our bank accounts do not need to suffer because we want to get a new device, so buying used ones becomes an option. But, is it safe?

Many people have had good or bad experiences buying used devices. If you had a good experience, lucky you. But how about people with bad experiences. How bad does it get?

Here is an example of a victim of a bad experience


The problem doesn’t just stop at buying stolen devices, it goes on to buying devices with damages, to little or no warranty and the list goes on.

First of all what do you term “used”. I’d like to divide that into 3 categories, namely; refurbished, pre-owned and used.


This is the best of the three category. It’s a near experience to a new device. These devices have been returned to the manufacturer for some reasons and have been fully tested, factory reset, certified and usually come with limited warranty. They come with all accessories as would a new device. They cost more than the others but have lesser prices than a new phone.


The devices in this category have also been factory reset and tested but to make sure that they are functioning properly. They are usually not in as good conditions as a refurbished device and may not come with all accessories as well as having some internal wear and tear but have much lower prices.


These ones are the cheapest, small wonder they hold the biggest bargain. They also come with the greatest risk and are mostly sold seller to buyer directly. Great care should be taken when buying these devices and they should also be tested by the buyer to prevent purchasing devices that do not work or stolen devices.

In buying used devices, you should know exactly what you looking for. Know the least specs you are comfortable with, to the highest specs you can afford. Next, you should have a budget to be keep the cost of devices within the amount you can afford. Your reason for buying a used device is very important as it helps to determine which of the 3 categories best fits.



Having talked about the categories, let’s see if buying used devices is worth the risk. This depends a lot on your reason for purchasing a used device.

If you change your devices regularly, be it a phone, camera, computer, e.t.c to the ones with the latest technology, buying a used device is probably not a good idea. If you intend on using the device for a long time a refurbished one is the best choice.

When the dependence of your work on a device is as crucial as your heartbeat, a used device is a no. You’re better off buying a new one whose life span can be predicted than one which can break down anytime.

For the nature lovers who care about how much electronic waste is released, buying a used device is no problem. Another good reason for buying a used phone is wanting an older model. Some people buy a device and become used to the model and when it gets damaged, may not want to break the connection as they feel uncomfortable using a new and fancier model, here the used phone plunge is worth the risk.



You don’t necessarily need to buy a device with the latest tech if all you do on your phone is chat, play candy crush and receive calls. It’s not important that you get that Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7, a model two steps down would serve you as much.

Also knowing when to buy is really important, if you really need devices with the latest technology and can’t afford a brand new one, buying a used one just after its successor comes out will get you a fair deal.

Here are some stores where you can purchase used devices(phones)

For refurbished:

Best Buy


For pre-owned:

Best Buy


In the end, just weigh your advantages and disadvantages before you get a used device. It might be worth it or not.

What do you think about buying used devices, we want to hear your opinion. Drop your views in the comment box.


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