One of the best thing to really give to a child is adequate knowledge. With the fast rising world of technology, popular countries of the world are now diversifying and investing into technology. Infact advised that at least everyone must learn how to code as it actually helps to give a high reasoning and analytical ability.


So! The holidays are coming and a great way to keep your children occupied is by letting them learn how to program with other kids of their age. The Summer of Code is a 4-week programme designed for kids and teenagers between the ages of 5-18 years. The training will be interactive and there will be loads of fun stuff for the kids. It is of course primarily designed to introduce kids to coding.


The Oyo State session  runs from 1st August, 2016 to 27th August, 2016 at iBridge Hub. It will culminate in a DEMO day where participants will showcase what they have learned and developed.

The fee includes a Goody Bag, feeding on all training days, lots of cool things to play around with to make it a total awesome experience.

Kindly follow this link to register.

iBridge Hub

Kindly share (via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp) until it gets to more and more parents. August is going to be an awesome time with the kids.


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