A couple of times I have had to relate with Ibadan natives, from the market women to colleagues at work and attendants etc. I have come to see that Ibadan people are very fascinating and they have their pros and cons as do any other city dwellers. I have put together a few of my thoughts on experiences and views about Ibadan people.


First of all, I will say that their dialect, though they speak the Yoruba language, there is this smoothness and sonority to the dialect. I remember the first time I heard the word “foona” (to cross the road) as to the usual “soda” that I have been accustomed to. It sounded rich in cultural value which is what an average Ibadan indigene represents. Though with the “sh” sound pronounced as “s” for example, cushion as cusion, you probably can pick out an Ibadan native in a few sentences.


They are also known for their hospitality. Yoruba people generally are known for their welcoming nature, but Ibadan natives show this amiable character exceptionally. This makes them sociable as they relate well with visitors. When they observe that you are different, there is this curiosity to always want to know about you, your values, your ideas and there is also this anticipation to show you what they are about, their lifestyle which is done in all friendliness, excitement and enthusiasm.


I think Ibadan people are loud – they’ve got responses for almost everything. You cannot win an Ibadan native in a tug of words. Even the smallest of them, you will be shocked at the depth from which they speak. They have this special intonation that makes them really loud. They might be passing across a simple idea but they express it in a sophisticated way, making them even more unique. Oh well, some think they are lousy and aggressive but I think it is really fascinating to have a word for almost all kinds of conversation.

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They are very indigenous; they have a way of life and are so proud of it which helps in keeping their cultural heritage alive. They have a niche and try as much as possible to protect it. They are culturally reserved; it is funny that no matter the status they attain, they tend to keep it low with their lifestyle especially with their meals. You have no idea how proud they are when they sit in a group to enjoy their Amala and Abula which is a super delicious meal. They will also rather stay within the city than move out to other part of the country which is also quite impressive. All of these help preserve the heritage and keep the communal bond.


Ibadan indigenes have a peculiar way of enjoying life. They are proud about their local resorts and the stream of civilization gracing the ancient city. Investors are beginning to see the rich market in Ibadan and have been welcomed by a people perhaps reserved but receptive too. But the strength of business in Ibadan is in the hard work and venture instinct of the populace. They are a people with numerous needs and a perfect market to take care of them. As early as 4am, a typical street in Ibadan is lightened in candles with different bottles of local gins for early risers who want to set the body in perfect shape before the day’s work. As much as Lagos might be a different city in terms of commerce, Ibadan seems to have just enough to take care of its people. A people with cultured needs may not be difficult to please after all.

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There is always an exception to every rule; drastic civilization may surely be taking its toll on Ibadan natives, but if you dig enough using the above descriptions, you may just be building a good database to identifying an Ibadan native.


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