It’s officially the end of January, 2017 and you realise the year is not so brand new anymore. If you haven’t, you do now- except you’re Chinese, of course. The world already has a lot going on, the globe has been heating up- and I’m not just talking about the climate now- and Ibadan has not been left out of this “global warming.”

We have been very busy!

Last week, our parent company, TinklingD unveiled Ibadan Insider Care and the Ibadan Store, two game-changing projects that are bound to change the way we Ibadan folks live our lives. After successfully launching these new projects, a new, exciting pace and spirit has crept into the very heart of the whole house and we absolutely love it! We just can’t keep calm.

January was fantastic for us at Ibadan Insider. We hope you love the brand-new look of our website as much as we do because it was redesigned with you in mind: new look, new feel, new energy, new stories, new team, new categories, and so much more.

We are happy to inform you that you have a lot of cool stuff to look forward to this coming month and those after it: great content you can’t find anywhere else. This new week is your chance to be among the first people to experience Ibadan Insider’s fresh, hot stuff, straight out of the oven. You are therefore advised not to stay far away. Blink, and you miss something.

There was a time when the city of brown roofs was associated with mediocrity. That time is long gone. Join us this week as we unveil amazing insights into the lifestyle, business, fashion, technology, arts & culture, and entertainment scenes of our beloved, ancient city.


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