june, 2018

28jun10:00 am- 3:00 pm3rd Annual National Workshop on Youth, Peace and Security10:00 am - 3:00 pm


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Theme: 2019 Elections in Nigeria: Enhancing Youth Political Participation for Peaceful and
Inclusive Societies.

The inclusion of youth in formal politics is important, as the 2011/2012 Arab States popular uprisings and
various Occupy movements have demonstrated. In countries in transition, fresh ideas and new leadership can
help to overcome authoritarian practices. Where youth-led protests have forced authoritarian regimes from
power, significant frustration is likely to arise if youth are not included in new formal decision-making. This can
destabilize democratization trajectory and accelerate conflict dynamics (UNDP 2012). Therefore, the centrality
of election to popular participation and representative governance cannot be over emphasized. It is the
mechanisms through which citizens choose their representatives. However, due to the win at all cost syndromes,
elections in Nigeria are usually marred by violent conflicts.

According to the Human Right Watch, every electoral process comes with its own fair share of violent conflict,
for instance, the 2003 and 2007 general elections were among the worst elections witnessed in Nigeria as at
least 300 people were killed in the violent attacks. In 2011, following the announcement of Goodluck Jonathan
as the winner of the presidential election, rioting broke out in the country’s north and central region which killed
over 800 lives and leaving 65,000 people internally displaced across 12 States of the Federation. According to
the National Human Right Commission Pre-election Violence Report (2015), it reported that 61 incidences of
election violence occurred in 22 states with 58 people killed (Premium Times Feb. 25, 2015).

However, it is very pertinent to know that at the center of these violent conflicts are the youth that makes up
about 63 percent (60 million) of all the eligible voters. The inclusion of these youths in politics and governance
has far reaching implications in the country as a more politically active youth would bring about fresh ideas,
insight, values and strengthening the democratic system which will in turn bring about peace, security and

This national workshop will bring together 60 youth leaders and relevant stakeholders to explore how to
enhance youth electoral participation for peace, security and development in Nigeria.

Objectives of the Workshop
a) Map out roles youth are expected to play throughout the electoral cycle (before, during and
after elections)?
b) Highlight ways by which youth can contribute to peaceful elections and be politically active?
c) Identify innovative youth-led initiatives, formal and informal, that enhance youth political participation?
d) Proffer ways by which young people’s role and influence in decision-making be enhanced?
3. Presentations/Activities
The workshop will be divided into sessions where participants will receive training on;
• Youth, Elections and Development
• Media and Elections
• Countering Hate Speech during Elections
• Youth as Election Observers/Early Warning Ambassadors
• Managing Election Disputes

Expected Outcomes
At the end of the national workshop, participants would have identified and understood the positive roles
they can play throughout the electoral cycle, be equipped with the needed skills and practical strategies to
eliminate electoral violence in the country and also be strengthened to participate in formal politics and aid
the democratization trajectory.

60 participants aged 18-35 will be selected across the country including: – representatives of youth
groups, UN entities, INGOs, Foundations, Academics, Media, Religious, Community and Political leaders
will also be invited.


(Thursday) 10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies Parry Road, University of Ibadan

Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies Parry Road, University of Ibadan


Nigeria Youth 4 Peace Initiative

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