The dynamic nature of fashion has made it challenging to keep up with its ever-changing trends, but Ibadan has never let us down in that area. New and different trends are being rocked many individuals, ranging from hairstyles, accessories, clothes to footwear, be it male or female. Here are some of the popular trends in Ibadan.



Jeans is one of the trends that would never die. Worn by everyone; children, teenagers, youths and adults, it isn’t age restricted. It can be combined with any top or shirt with or without a jacket. Anything goes when you are wearing a pair of jeans. It could be a faded, acid wash, ripped or regular pair of jeans.



Those body hugging dresses that show off your beautiful curves, it is characterized by its ability to stretch. Mostly young ladies are spotted in this beautiful outfit. They are usually available in stretchy fabrics like viscose, neoprene or silk woven with Lycra, some are also available in stretchy cotton. For those that do not know, body-con is short for body conscious.



Wearing a slogan t-shirt is cool, especially if what is written on it is humorous. It can be worn by anyone and can also be paired with different clothing and accessories to give either a casual look or laid-back office look. Don’t just wear slogan t-shirts to look fashionable or make a statement, knowing the meaning is quite important to avoid being a fashion fail.



The African print, commonly known as Ankara is usually identified with Africans, mostly Nigerians, this is so ironical as its origin is Europe and was formerly known as Dutch wax print. This fabric is very common in Ibadan, asides being used to sew traditional outfits, Ankara can be sewn different styles to fit different occasions. This gorgeous fabric is used to make dresses, trousers, jackets, tops, bags, shoes and even used to design jewelry.

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These are a yes anytime. Their comfort and convenience are what makes them one of the trends you can’t do without. Sneakers got their name because their rubber soles let the wearer “sneak” around quietly.



These sexy footwear is one way to show of your well-manicured and beautiful toenails. Gladiator sandals are very flattering for your feet and are a fashionable way to air your feet after all those times spent in boots, sneakers and cover shoes. They come in flats or heels and short or long straps. Anyone can rock a pair of gladiator sandals.



It could be a complete set or separate pieces of jewellery. Beaded jewellery can be worn anywhere; church, weddings or even a simple beaded bracelet or necklace can be thrown on to give a casual look.



Scarves come in different styles; square which is usually in silk, oblong which has printed designs and are seen mostly on our Islamic sisters who use it to tie their beautiful# hijabs, cashmere which usually wrapped round the neck or shoulders, infinity which is usually knitted and many more.



Gone are the days when you do a regular Ghana weaving, now women are becoming really creative, forming patterns with their braids, some are even braided to look like baskets. Different colours of hairs extensions are sometimes added to give it a more artistic look.



Women all over Ibadan would agree that these are saviours, especially when you are confused about what hairstyle to rock. Whether synthetic or human hair, fixing a simple weave-on or a putting on a wig is less stressful than sitting in the saloon for hours braiding your hair. They come in quite handy and cause little stress when choosing a style, although the varieties flooding the market are making it a little tough.

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All these trends come together to create very stylish and eye-catching looks that become a solid foundation for creating styles that do not fade with time, proving that Ibadan is a place to learn a thing or two about fashion. The trends keep coming and going but Ibadan has shown us that a few tricks can make them stay a bit longer, let’s watch out as Ibadan continues to bring a new light to fashion.


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